Overdue payments and poor Managment

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Man when I have to seeking 3 week overdue payments and they blame it on Earthquakes and Hurricanes is peeves me off.

Look I know the US East coast was hit by big hurricane last week..but i do not understand why this stopped me getting paid on the 15th of August...And why the heck wasn't I informed about the late payment? And to top things off they still have not told me when the check will be sent despite several emails asking... I'll refrain form naming names for a few more days. I am not happy with them

But it seems many of the smaller NW's are pulling all kinds of B*S* when it comes to paying out these days.... Anyone else experience anything like this recently?
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      Welcome to the world of CPA.
      I'm sure everyone who's been in the industry long enough will have encountered this problem at least occasionally.
      It's probably the biggest negative about working in this industry - you have no control over when you get paid and someone else calls the shots. And you can't do much about it.

      I've had this issue with both CJ and Pepperjam which are both big networks. The money due to me by Pepperjam is also a biggish amount, around $100. I've no idea when I'll be getting this money, if I get it at all.
      I don't know which networks you are talking about, but this isn't purely a small network issue. Depending on how network billing and payments are set up, the most common reason for not receiving payments on time is that the merchant has not paid their dues to the network, so the network cannot pay their publishers/affiliates.

      I recently spoke to Publisher Support from Pepperjam regarding that merchant I mentioned above who owes me $100 in generated commissions since June. They were very open about it. They said the merchant is currently inactive and has not made any deposits in quite some time, so their account is underfunded (meaning that there is not enough money for the network to pay publishers). They also said they're doing everything they can to retrieve due funds from them and that as soon as they get them they'll pay everyone. But of course they have no idea when the funds will get paid.
      I'm not affiliated with this merchant anymore for the above reasons and I know that other affiliates have generated thousands in commissions with them - that would be a real big problem.

      Keep in mind that networks normally take a cut from each network sale themselves (smaller than the affiliate commission, but still a cut), so they are losing money TOO when a merchant does not pay them. Some networks don't even charge membership fees and rely solely on cuts from in-network sales to stay afloat, so this is a situation that is unpleasant to everyone to say the least.

      At the end of the day, all a network can do is keep pestering the merchant to pay their due commissions until they do so. If they don't after a reasonable amount of time, the only thing the network can do is either keep pestering or sue them.

      That's probably the single most negative thing about working in CPA marketing. But more often than not, overdue payments are the merchant's and not the network's fault.
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    Yeah it's tough, but it happens. I really hope you can get your funds, because I've went through this many of times myself and it's a pain to deal with. Good luck!
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    Even though you haven't gotten the money you've gained more knowledge and resources. You are bound to lose money in this game - but remember all the ways to make it.

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    i recently joined the world of internet marketing and i did it through a few networks but italeads has been the most helpful for sure, they talked me through starting up for about two hours a day for an entire week three weeks ago and payed me my first payout last week when I finally hit fifty dollars lol it's not much but it's getting better...
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    In my opinion and depending on the scenario - the network should not hold the affiliate responsible if payment is not made on the merchant/advertiser end. Your relationship was established with the network, and if you have been generating legitimate quality leads then the network SHOULD pay you and deal with the merchant on its own terms.

    If an affiliate of ours is due a payment, and they have a solid track record of sending quality traffic/leads - then we will fork out the cash and then deal with the advertiser after.

    But then again, I am not sure what type of Terms and conditions or deal in place that you had with this network.
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    I think it all depends on the network. I've had great success with MaxBounty. Look for reviews and reputable places.

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    it totally depends on the network... it's the network job to ensure you get paid... otherwise, what's the point of going through a network and not directly to the advertiser
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