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I been checking out several ways of doing marketing over online and I found this one interesting. I know that to enter to a company like Peerfly or other they require a certain knowledge.

On youtube a guy said you needed to know how to work with ppc, ppv, search engine optimization and how to promote your CPA product. Not sure if you need anything else.

I'm wondering where I can learn how to work with all of this?

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    Sure you can learn all of these things here, on Warriorforum . Read read read. than try try try )).. than when you'll have more concrete questions , ask them here
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    Welcome to the forum Jbarros.

    All the traffic strategies you mentioned are covered in detail on this here forum.

    You don't need to know how to make money with all those methods, just so long as you can get targeted eyes to an offer and make money, for yourself, the network and the advertiser, then you will get accepted.

    My advice would be to read these forums, get an understanding of how CPA works and decide on a traffic stratedgy to work with.

    Read, ask questions and take action, this is the best way to learn and become successful.

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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      Yeah I intend to take action very soon. But first I need to get the knowledge. I was browsing online I found many paid courses related to the subject. But I don't have money to invest in that, then you never know if the info is worth it.

      I'll search around this forum. thanks
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    I think that you would need to answer your own question on if YOU could learn it, several people do learn it by trial and error, but it all depends on how bad you want it
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    I would start by learning how to build a website with an application like Wordpress.

    Build a site with a general niche like Male Muscle, Skin Cream, Diet etc. And SEO your pages around the offers you want to promote.

    Read Read Read..... Ask Ask Ask!
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    Hand on experience! That's the only way you will be able to get the ideas you need. If you just read it and don't apply it, you won't be successful. After you read some ebooks or threads, go out and try them and see which ones you had more success with and them make a chart.

    By making a chart, you can see how much traffic you got on this certain day and how much profit you made on that day also. This helps because you can figure out when is the right time to promote a product or website and which days isn't as successful as the rest

    If you want more information about what I'm talking about, PM me and I will show you
    MyAffiliateReview.com - Real Reviews from Real Affiliates - Sign-up and tell us your experience!
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    Yeah I just register in wordpress now I need to select a product to market. I'm doing this more for the training then anything else.

    I'm wondering how you guys find trusted companies to make affliation to your site? Because I'm abit afraid to join one who will scam me or something.

    Articuno do you use a software to make a chart for your webpage? If so wich one?

    Thanks people.
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    choose one promotion method and stick with it to make it work... this way you'll learn enough to be able to move on to other techniques
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      You can find pretty much anything you need on this Forum - for free.
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    i dont now where you live but if you live in the us i would suggest ofline marketing i got my self no expierence with but a lot of people make a lot of money with it but unlike other methods this take a ton of time but it make easy money
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    Sounds like you need to just stumble around the WF.! Check out some of the WSOs , they are launched primarily to help people seeking the same information as you
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