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Spent $0.69 and made $2.13.

I know that's nothing, but I'm pleased .
I'm hoping to keep scaling up, and I'll let you guys know here if I do. I'm only new to CPA offers so this is a small victory for me .

Here's just some basic tips I picked up:

Only bid about 10% of what FB ads suggest. You'll still get views/clicks paying $0.35 on an ad that was reccomended at $4.00 - $6.00.

Same goes for adwords. You can still get plenty of clicks, even if you get the 'not on first page' message.

Hope someone can get some sort of encouragement from this.

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    Congrats Aidan on some conversions,

    Glad you're feeling good, it's a great feeling when you start to have offers convert and realise this can and does work.

    Keep pushing forward with that campaign, you probably don't have enough info just yet to really analyse the campaigns performance, but if it continues along the lines it has then you're in great shape.

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    track every conversion, find profitable keywords, delete unprofitable keywords, rinse and repeat
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