CPA marketing Vs Affiliate marketing? (what are your thoughts)

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Hi, warriors

I kept asking my self over and over .. Why is CPA marketing so much better than affiliate marketing. In my opinion I think because your not selling anything. You only getting paid for people signing up filling out offers.

I just want other Warriors thought on this... What's the reason you like CPA marketing better or Affiliate marketing.
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    Marketing CPA offers is affiliate marketing..
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    i really do not understand your question
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    CPA marketing & Affiliate Marketing are one and the same.

    Under CPA you've got CPL, CPS, CPA and affiliate marketing covers all those too.

    I think they're the same meaning for each term personally.

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    A lot of CPA offers convert better than pay per sale offers. I could be wrong but in my experiences CPA out converts.
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    lots of different definitions for affiliate marketing and particularly for CPA but at the end of the day I think the OP is differentiating between CPS and CPL offers.

    The brilliance of CPL is that many times no credit card or form of payment is needed to earn a commission. Clearly this is the toughest thing to get from a visitor making the CPL model very lucrative. With that said, CPS is still insanely lucrative if you know what you are doing.

    I wouldn't say one is better than the other necessarily (whole different story) but there are incredible benefits to the CPL model as you can imagine!
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