What is a good conversion rate for CPA?

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100 to 1
50 to 1
20 to 1
10 to 1

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    Originally Posted by SonicSync View Post

    100 to 1
    50 to 1
    20 to 1
    10 to 1


    It depends on a lot of things. First of which is the offer itself. Usually you will find a survey submit converting better than say a credit report offer because its free offer vs. one that requires a credit card!

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    There are a lot of factors that go into answering this type of question. You have to be a tad bit more specific chap.
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    zip/email cpa offers using PPV
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    there is really no answer for this, really all that matters is - are you making money off it?
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    you have to provide more information
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    Originally Posted by SonicSync View Post

    100 to 1
    50 to 1
    20 to 1
    10 to 1


    There really is no answer to your question....depending on what your campaign a 1% conversion rate may be amazing or terrible. Heck, a 50% conversion rate can be terrible for certain campaigns.

    Unfortunately there are way too many variables to answer your question meaningfully
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    There is not fixed answer. Its all depend on your traffic quality and luck.
    But is average 7%-15% conversion optimized.
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    I focus mostly on a positive ROI. I have made $$$ with campaigns that have a 2% conversion rate. The payout was obviously very high in this case.
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    You have to do allot of testing, A&B testing. Against advertising networks and ad's themselves. then you need to track your visitors and make sure your bounce is down, and CTR is good.

    A general rule I follow is K.I.S.S.
    Keep It Simple Stupid

    The more steps / pages you need to send your visitor until you get a commission is going to affect your conversion rates directly. Keep them minimal. Maybe an info page that leads to a email capture to buy the product. If they don't buy, you have the email and opt in. Follow up with them in about 30 days. They will respect that you took time to contact them instead of immediately subscribing them into a spam newsletter of doom.

    Our own marketing efforts has seen up towards 10-12%, and our top affiliate has a 14% conversion rate at the moment.

    "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." - Elbert Hubbard

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    20 to 1 you can live of with it.
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    This has been my avg. experince for good campaigns.
    So many factors as stated above very much apply.

    PPC = at least 20-35%
    Organic/SEO = 10-30%
    Email OPTins = 40%+
    Luck = 50%+
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