Make More Money with PoF and Prosper202! [INFORMATIVE]

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Your first step is to get setup a fully functional Prosper202.

I want to explain how you guys can collect important demographic data using Prosper202 and PlentyOfFish advertising account. The data you will collect will also be extremely useful for your future campaigns too. So put it to good use!

If you’ve been advertising on PlentyOfFish for a while you will know that there is an option to use different variable tags that insert different user attributes to your adcopy. Things such as Age, Sex and the State they are in can be automatically inserted without having to manually make different ads for each of those variables. This is extremely useful and can boost ad CTR and Relevance. Profits will increase.

Pick a niche and write some ads that include these variables:
Age – {age:default}
Sex – {gender:default}
State – {state:default} – This only works for USA and UK as far as I know.

An example ad can look like this:

Now with Prosper202, you are able to create a tracking link that looks something like this:
Now whenever you get a click you would see something like FloridaMale26 in the keyword column in spy view.

BUT… prosper202 offers more functionality than that!

See there are these 4 tracking ID Fields left blank. Now for a long time I’ve been wondering what are they fore.. Safe to say I’ve got an answer! And I’m sharing it with other Warriors.

Enter the {state:default} in c1 field and {age:default} in the c2 field.

Now when you click Generate tracking URL you will end up with something looking like this:
I left out the c3 and c4 fields because I’m targeting a simple dating offer for males. You can fill some other variables such as image number if you want but you would have to create different ads manually.

Anyway, now what you need to do is run a very broadly targeted ad. Set your budget to something like $100 and let it run. Make sure you’re getting clicks and everything’s working before you open the flood gates. If you’re tight on budget do a smaller test. Let the campaign run.

Once you’ve collected your data, open up your prosper202 Overview->Group Overview tab. Here you can see we are able to order everything together by c1,c2,c3,c4 etc. Depending on how you setup your tracking link before, you’ll find out exactly which ad combination performed the best!

You would have to do a very large exhaustive test to get conclusive data this way, but if you’ve got some money sitting around and want real data, this is probably one of the cheapest ways to obtain it. You can also do smaller tests based on time zone, or only for some states! This is one of the most useful features of Prosper202.

Time to make some money!
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