Never Received a Check From Copeac

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Never received a check from Copeac.
When i was driving traffic to them they use to mail me daily..
but now when ever i ask them about my check they never reply me..
I Came across to copeac through this thread.

I tried to mail Stephen, Valerie, Edward (My AM) No Reply From this Guys..
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    Some network always like that they have no money to pay you. I don't know why they in this business if they can't afford to pay affiliate.
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    I cant post screen shots or else if would have showed you how many mails i sent them..
    You can take a look at affiliatepaying too..
    When i was promoting there offers they used to mail me daily.. now they reply to my mail nor on AIM..
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    I think you should contact Steve in this forum and tell him about the issue.

    ~ Omid
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      If you tried contacting your AM and it's been a couple days without answer I'd be a bit worried. That's why it's a good idea to sign up with multiple networks, send you trafic elsewhere until you get paid.
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    Any of you know Copeac Steve in Warrior Forum ? :S
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