How Many Of You Own Your Own Affiliate Program/Network?

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I see a lot of people posting on here about how they earned money from these affiliate programs and they have proof. But when I go to the sites and check the ranks they aren't even ranked, some aren't even listed in any of the search engines yet.

I understand there's people trying to get signups to their programs but how many of you run your own program and how's it different than all the rest since there seems to be countless.
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    I'm not really sure what your saying...

    Public stats have nothing to do with the potential earning of the site
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    It's always something I've considered down the line so woul be interested to see the reponses of other Warriors who do own or run their own network.

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    From what I've heard/read/gathered from conversations...

    Tough business starting a network. You need a pile of cash to make sure you get your affiliates paid on time, and that's after the chicken-egg story of finding both advertisers and affiliates.

    It would be best to have a bunch of contacts on both sides who you can depend on to help get some cash flowing around in your business the day you open your doors.
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    Its easy to start you can use a program like hasoffers

    pay about $500 a month and get all the offers free and a certain amount of usage

    networks like cpatank, affillion, WSM are all just hasoffers with cool designs

    of course it takes alot of work to maintain etc but anyone can start one - it takes a good idea and some one smart to make one successful - i hope to one day!

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    I'm running an affiliate program via Clickbank but if you want to make it available for warriors to promote on WF you can also use Warrior Plus.

    Both will take care of the commission headache and both programs are easy to be run. It's a set and forget and really easy to implement. It's always good to find new affiliates who want to promote your product because they like it already and see potential in it.

    If you set a high payout, 50% or more, you make it attractive to them to promote it and maybe even start a review site specifically for your product.
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    I'm an AM and I see my CEO as he works throughout the day... and night, day after day, night after night. He never stops working, never sleeps or eats. He lives and breathes his network, making deals, getting new advertisers and offers, getting new affiliates, there's no job too small or too big.

    The creator of a successful CPA network has to believe in what he's doing 100% and be willing to give everything for it. If it's something you want to try, just be ready for it. That's my advice.
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