Attention Newbies - Great Email From Jerry West "CPA Mindcrime"

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Hey guys,

hope you are having a fantastic year so far and week. As I continue to just learn more and more about successful marketers, their principles and relationships with their businesses. I tend to come across some pretty amazing people.

I wanted to share with you an Email I received from Jerry West.

Check this out:

CPA Mindcrime - Part One

First things first. If this is your first time going through my material, I write "off the cuff" and direct. I don't sugar coat anything and I'll probably offend you at least once. And I won't apologize for it.

CPA marketing isn't for the faint of heart.

Over the last twelve years I have marketed nearly 600 of my own domains online. I test. I track. I analyze. I make changes and then I test again. I have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn't work online. But the one thing I have learned as a faculty member with StomperNet is even if someone is given a clear action plan, they will fail if they haven't set up their business properly and addressed their personal fears.

So today, I will go over the key areas that have greatly helped me position my business to succeed so you can too.

NOTE: As mentioned in the email you received after you signed up, you are expected to know PPC marketing. What if you don't? What resources are there? There are two people that I have personally learned PPC from: Dan Thies and Perry Marshall. Google their names for more info on their courses or information.

STEP ONE: You Need a Business Corporation.
Do not start a CPA business without one. It will take just a few days and around $500.00 for the attorney to draw up the paper work. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

STEP TWO: Get an "Umbrella Policy"
When you become successful, the likelihood you will be sued escalates. The Umbrella policy protects you in this matter. This will help you sleep at night.

STEP THREE: Create a Trust and Transfer Your Assets
If you don't already have a family trust, get one. It is one of the best asset protection strategies out there. Your attorney can advise you further.

STEP FOUR: Figure Out Your Fears and Face Them
Even the best plan of action will result in failure if you are too scared to put it into action. Understanding your fears is the first step and until I did it, I was wallowing in average income. This is one of the quickest tasks you will do that will have one of the biggest impacts in your career. It will take you about 12 minutes to take the Motivation Factor Index. If you haven't already, do it now.

STEP FIVE: Finding Your Passion
This is one of the biggest obstacles for many people. And most people go about it all wrong. Phillip Kaplan, founder of AdBrite, which you will be using in your CPA Marketing, said it best. Check out this blog post if you are struggling finding your passion.

STEP SIX: Get a Business Journal
It is one of the best decisions you can make and one that I can give a lot of credit to in helping me getting over my fears and channelling my passion. Read more here:

STEP SEVEN: Have a Dedicated "Work" Space
Many of the gurus out there promote the "work from home" lifestyle and how great it is. I'm not one of them. People point to the "tax deduction" you get for having a home office. I agree, there is a deduction, but on your productivity. Working in your underwear sounds fun, but something happens to you mentally and you never achieve your full productivity. However, getting up and driving to the office allows you to separate in your head "work life" and "office life".

You might say, "But I can't afford an office." Yes you can. Contact financial companies, mainly accountants. They almost always have office space available. They are quiet and usually have up-to-date, nice, clean offices in good parts of your area. It doesn't need to be downtown. Look for something within 15 minutes of your home. Usually for a few hundred dollars a month you can have a great office and your productivity will sky rocket.

And you don't have to spend all day there. My first office I would arrive at 11am and I was gone usually by 3pm everyday. The bottom line is, I was more productive in those four hours because there wasn't the distraction of home life.

STEP EIGHT: Two Dedicated Business Credit Cards
You always want to make things easy on yourself, and by having two dedicated credit cards just for business will make tax filing a piece of cake. Why two cards? I don't want you to experience what I did recently. Just before a major business trip, American Express decided to cut the credit limits on the majority of their card holders due to the financial crisis. I had my limit slashed by more than $40k. That puts stress on a business and I had a rule that I only carried the American Express card and would only do business with companies who accepted it.

I have a different rule now. :-)

It goes without saying that you need to find a card with a good rewards program. For example, my American Express card is through Delta Airlines and I can't remember the last time I paid for a flight and I always fly first class. I've even used my miles to fly out my mother-in-law for a visit. Remind me not to do that again.

STEP NINE: Find Good Outsourcing Providers
You need a good designer. No matter how good you are, you need one. You must be the one who drives the creative element behind your business, but you need someone else actually "digging the ditches" so you can keep focused on the business. It will be worth it. Trust me. Learn the ins and outs of outsourcing from the mistakes that I have made.

STEP TEN: Make a Plan
How much do you want to make? How much do you have to risk? If you are new to CPA Marketing, understand this: You will lose money at first. I repeat, you will lose money. If your goal is to make $5k a month, you need to be able to afford to lose $5k. If you can't, your plan is unrealistic.

Regardless of what you hear in the market, there is no fool-proof marketing plan. There is no "money tree". This is hard work and the competition is fierce. I will be sharing with you in this course my Kitchen Table Copy method, which will allow you to create killer landing pages with essentially no experience. It is a concept I learned from my grandfather when I was very young and adapted it to the web.

So there are your ten steps for this week. Get ready as we go through this process and I'll be bringing in others as needed to lend their expertise as well. I have David Bullock lined up, who is one of the best conversion specialists out there and I have Keith Baxter, who owns the CPA network Modern Click. Who better to discuss CPA from the network's perspective than an owner of a network.
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