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For newbies i want to point out some of the mistakes which they make and always fail ,They always look for methods a method which can give them instant profits , they want to earn $50-$100 a day from very beginning. For such people i would like to say you would fail . i know many of people who were victim of scammers just because they wanted to get rich just in a night and failed badly with loosing 1000s of dollars . for those people i would say There is no such way . You will have to learn ,Test ,test and test and be patient and learn more and more. You will have to learn it your self no one can feed you methods .

People who come in industry with zero investments , Would like to say i was one of them . For this i would go in a little detail , Most of you should be familiar with two cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad . i am doing websites and stuff since i was only 11 years old now i am 20 .Two years ago i started working in a call center project injury claims in UK didn't got much success but something terrible happened in life which made me stick to job tough i was been paid only $20 per month . even i did n`t had enough money to pay for bus while i was doing night shift and had to walk from one end of Rawalpindi to other end of Islamabad In extreme cold (still remember those days ) . finally one day my boss refused to pay salary for the month we worked ,he even refused to pay $20 lol . that was the time i thought about IM just because my passion in computers i started this **** talking about December 2010 , i literally started with 0 $$$ using yahoo answers ,posting them i started with earning just 30$ a month , with that i also developed websites for other people , i did what ever i was able to do just to make enough money for living and with that most important thing to make enough money to invest in paid traffic , Still remember my first Account at PPC network 7search where Brad gave me 50 $ for using WF coupon . and then i kept on earning more and more and more and i am now earning more then my expectations. God blessed me or my hard work .

Point of saying all this is you will get success no doubt if you work hard . Learn skills. you will get success . but if you think you can be rich over a night . Better go and find some other industry .

According to my experience only those people fail most who always look for short cuts , Methods , not try to learn skills . Not just Stick to just one thing at start . i mean this forum is full of tips for promotion of CPA Offers, Why not grab one and then start working on it ? most of newbies waste time on reading guides here on WF my message is just go through one of them and stick to it until you succeed . You will get success if you work hard . And remember NEVER GIVE UP .

I just written this because some one whom i know after loosing $1000 got nothing and when he did some real work spent $12 and earned his first sale commission he just gave up ..... very disappointing . SO will say again if you want to earn $1000 profit in just one night please don't bother to jump in this industry because this industry need skills ,hard work . and above all patience .
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