Newbies- How to Make $3,000 a Month From CPA

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I've seen too many of the same threads over and over again:

"I cant make money!"

"How do you promote offer x on network y?"

"How to convert traffic on xyz network?!"

It all comes down to a few things that I see holding people back. Since I don't have a blog or anything I figured I'd just use the WF as my soapbox. The #1 thing newbies have to realize is that getting offer to convert is not the hard part, getting right the traffic is. Once you can identify where and who the traffic is I guarantee that there is somebody somewhere that has figured out a way to crush it.

Example #1.

I had a couple I was privately coaching about this time last year on Facebook Ads. They bought one of my products, kept in touch with me on Skype and knew I was quietly crushing dating offers with Facebook and CPA. It wasn't before one of my last calls to them that I had an epiphany myself which turned my campaign to a strong $150-$200 a day earner (about 60-70% profit).

What I told them to do is focus on pockets of traffic. I always tell people this. If you are not making money but are getting volume (100+ clicks a day) you are doing something very wrong. Alot of times you need to niche the traffic down. Pre-qualify your traffic on your creatives and banners. In facebook this is incredibly easy. Just rearrange your keywords into different campaigns.

I was targeting a specific group with my dating offers but it wasn't until I figured out that by not niching my traffic down I was missing out on over doubling my conversion rate.

How my campaign started:

1 campaign targeting all of a group. About 40% profit. Not bad....

Then I niched it down into 4 groups.

1. Male - non-religious
2. Male - religion 1
3. Male - niche interest 1
4. Female - religious

I tried about 6-8 campaigns but these were the best. And guess what? My conversion rate went from 40% to 70% and I lowered my adspend with better CTR's while maintaining volume by simply increasing my budget. I could afford to lay more cash out when I was almost doubling it every single day.

If the campaign dried up, I simply called my AM's and begged borrowed and pleaded to get a similar offer up. Doing this one time even resulted in me getting a private CPA of almost $7 on a dating campaign when the street was going to be $3.50, simply because the advertiser asked for more traffic and my network knew I delivered quality traffic. That's what happens when you niche it down.

So how can this qualify to you as a new marketer? Basically, analyze your data and don't be afraid to requalify your traffic to a different market.

Not niching it down:

Campaign after niching it down:

(CPA was $15-20)

Ways to niche down?
  • By location "$1 Teeth Whitening For Dallas Residents!"
  • By gender "Woman discovers incredible teeth whitening secret - it only costs $1!"
  • By interest "Weird Trick Brightens Actors Smile over 300%"
  • By finance/circumstance "Family saves over $100 on dental visits with amazing home solution"
  • By religion/marital status "The Key to Attract your Soulmate (with a brighter smile)"
  • By age "Erase 20 years with this Amazing Whitening Trick"
  • By current events "The Secret Behind Barack Obama's Amazing Smile"

In SEO this is equally important. Hopefully this rant fits all into one post, but I see a lot of people that create niche sites, do well and just let them sit. It doesn't matter if you have the #1 spot. Your goal should be to occupy as much of the first 2 pages as possible.

How I learned this was back in the **** days when I owned an **** review site. If you were around back then you know that hitting the first 8 results for any "XYZ Review" keyword was an easy $150 a day. But it was not easy to get there, and damn sure tough to stay there.

I started reverse engineering one of my opponets and realize this guy owned 5 review sites compared to my lonely 1. So while I was trying to SEO my way to the front page with my site and maybe an articlesbase article, this guy was crushing it because he owned 5 sites and three of them always ranked in that top 8 for a given "XYZ review" keyword. He also had a full staff... which is something I probably should have done but I was dumb and rested on my laurels instead of building out more sites.

There is no logical reason why people trust certain sites, click certain results. You simply don't know. Your domain might sound scammy to them. Your review might sound too salesy. They might hate the color green. Your font might be too small. You wont know so build out as many sites you can when you find a money maker.

This also applies to adsense right now. When you find something that is working, build more sites and target the SAME keywords. It's always fun when your competitors realize that you own the entire front page and come to you asking to buy an ad because they cannot get past your sites.

I think that's about all I really have to say right now. As a newbie I wish someone would have told me to just keep going after the same keywords and keep building the same campaigns instead of finding one, resting, and looking for the next hot thing. Don't get me wrong, you need to always be testing new sites, new campaign ideas but don't be an idiot and DOUBLE DOWN when you get a winner!

I hope this helps someone. Ive been thinking about creating a blog for a while now, should I? Let me know if this helps someone out there!
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