How to convert dating leads 50-70%

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Im glad everyone enjoyed my post yesterday

Today I want to expand on this topic and hopefully this gets someone going.

I see newbies all the time complain that they cannot get a decent ROI on dating, that dating is oversaturated, that XYZ is scrubbing the hell out of them.. but really they are just new to the game and don't know what they are doing. If you promote an offer just like everyone else does... you'll get the same results as everyone else. Below 20% conversion rates, your images getting jacked quicker than a Bugatti in the hood, not making any coin at all.

So what can you do? Promote the offer in a different way! Or as I say.. niche it down!

So here is exactly how I think about dating offers when I set up my campaigns.

Disclosure:I am giving this campaign away because it is really low volume.
Use this as a guide to SPIN your own profitable campaigns from it.


First and foremost, what I dont do. I DONT go to my CPA Network, grab my Mate1 and links, hit up Google images for "sexy girls" and roll the dice on all red blooded American males 18-35. There are big affiliate companies that do this, but they are running on crazy thin margins with volume. Think spending 10k a day to make 1k. They can afford to do that, some of us have to hustle smarter to compete with that.

What I do is first go through my networks and look for niche dating offers. I put all my niche links in a notepad file for easy reference. Usually this will be Indian, Jewish, BBW and Black Dating offers. I dont always run these offers but I do test them. I also pull my generic or whatever links as well.

Then I think about WHO am I going to talk to in my ad? This is IMPORTANT. Why? Because different guys and girls are attracted to different types of people. You can pull some data over from OkTrends if you need the stats to believe it.

Mandatory reading: How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get « OkTrends

Check out the LAST chart there. "Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color/racial background?"

From this data you will see that only white women absolutely prefer their mate to be their race. Everyone else pretty much doesn't care! What does that mean for us? Profits!

So before you go grab that blond bimbo and slap here all over your ads.. be sure to test some Black girls, Indian girls, Asian girls, Jewish girls, and Mexican girls in there as well.

What I also do is niche my campaigns down by the race connection I am targeting. The example I will share with you are white/black guys and Asian women.

For this I used the Asian Beauties offer, and a generic dating offer as well. I then went on Google and instead of Google Imaging "cute Asian girls" I Googled "Hottest Asian Women 2011." I swear, this was research!

I saved the names of all the Asian models to a notepad list and took note of what they looked like. Their facial features, hair style, and body type. I then went on Google Images and some other places (you'll have to figure this out for yourself, sorry) and pulled images of Asian females who looked similar to the hottest Asian models!

Now I had my keyword list (Asian model names) and my images (the females I found who looked like them). I then started a Facebook campaign using that data.

My ads, targeted to fans of the hottest Asian Models were bound to convert.

A quick word on adcopy:

Please dont use "Meet a Girl!" or "Want a Girlfriend?" those style of ads are played out. They work, but don't get you the type of CTR when you are bold. Challenge the user. Insult his manhood. Make him your b*tch as he clicks through the ad.

My ads are usually along the lines of:
Asian Girls are Better.
Our members are hot and looking to date a real man today. Fit the bill? Sign up today.

Can You Handle An Asian?
Like Asian girls? These girls are hot and looking to date a real man today. Are you ready? Sign up today.

See how that works? If you like Asian girls you are going to click that ad over the lame "Like Asian Girls?" "Boyfriend Wanted!" ads.

It's the same concept as these ads you see everywhere:

This campaign had really low volume, and I probably could have expanded it to a bigger audience or took it to another advertising network.

That's basically it. And this was basically a free WSO. I hope someone out there gets some value from this, let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to share what I can.

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