Why YOU are not making money with CPA?

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Hello Warriors,

I know that there is many of you still not able to make money online and from what people been asking me everyday I have noticed a real issue here and I would like to address it with you. Hopefully this post will help someone.

So where is the problem? I will point to some cases here.

Tried many traffic sources and you failed? So Search PPC, Social marketing, PPV, Media buys and SEO simply don't work?

Lets take them one by one then:

SEO : As a new marketer you will be jumping on the Make money online niche and will build a perfect looking website with many ads and referral links. Waiting 3-4 months without getting any conversions or referrals.

Why is that? Does it mean that SEO don't work or is it something that you shouldn't think about?

The problem here is with the high competition in this niche. Its not impossible mission to make money with this niche or with niches that have high competition, But you still need to learn much about SEO before starting to compete the big guys.

There is people that are spending thousands of dollars on SEO services to rank this websites.

- What you need to do is to focus on niches with low competition and do your SEO properly from the domain name to on page optimization ( low competition keywords, unique content) to the off page optimization ( backlinks, link wheels, social bookmarking, blog comments, forums posting etc..).

PPC Search: Doing PPC search in the wrong way will cost you lot of money, Throwing a lot of keywords without tracking which keywords that converts and whats not is a very bad idea and will keep you in the position of losing money.

Bidding on the 1st place always is not the best idea too. How about your ad copy?

- What you need to do is to write a compiled ad copy that are relevant to your offer from the title to the body of the ad copy to the keywords.

* Never think that the 1st PPC campaign you setup will be a winner campaign, you will need to test and track.

* Never think that you will spend $10 daily budget and earn $50 per day.

* Give your PPC campaign its time to give you a good statistics so you can decide to keep this campaign or remove it and move to another. Don't spend $1-2 on a PPC campaign then start over with new one again thinking that this offer don't work or don't convert.

* You will need to test at least 3x the offer payout, So if the offer payout is $1.50 send a traffic for it for $4.50 before removing it.

Social marketing: Jumping to FB or any other social network bidding with $0.01 per click from the start wont get you any impressions. And bidding the max suggested bid wont get you any profit and will make you lose your pants.

* What you need to do is to be creative, Think about what works on social networks. What people wants, What do you and me looks at when we login to our accounts.

We want to have some fun, play games, chat with friends and have some fun.

* Always test your ads and images when you setup a campaign on social networks to see which image will give you the best CTR.

* Test 3 different images each image for 2 demos depending on your offer.


(Offer is targeting females) Then create 2 ad copies for the first image one targeting females with age from 18-35 and the other targeting ages from 36-50 ( The targeting result will be based on your research according to the campaign you want to run ).

* Again be as much targeted as possible. You don't want to target the whole FB users you want a specific group that are interesting in your offer.

PPV: Going to PPV without knowing what you are dealing with will make you lose money.

* You need to learn how to do PPV properly. How to setup your campaigns and targets and how to track.

Media buys: Promoting same banner over and over again won't make you money.

* You need to test many banner sizes to see which banner gets better CTR and converting. Test 3 or 4 banners for same campaign 120x600, 468x60, 728x90 and 300x250 then you can decide which works best.

Last word, Think about what you are doing wrong before judging any traffic source, STOP jumping from traffic source to another before mastering it, and keep in mind that it requires money to make money. You still can get things for free but the earning will take time.
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