Prosper202 - version 1.7 is being release tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 10, 2011)

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This is not a shameless plug, I have nothing to do with p202, just posting to share with everyone else as this is a tool that all online marketers should use!

Tomorrow Is 202 Day...

Prosper202 version 1.7 has been in private beta for a few weeks now and is ready for download tomorrow October 11th at noon pst. Once installed, you too can enjoy the improved performance and brand new features we've engineered into this new release.

Until tomorrow you may want to read our post today about how your tracking software is costing you 50-60% of your mobile clicks

Hey Mobile Advertisers Your Tracking Software is Costing You Money

Need more stuff to read? Check out this recent interview where I talk about some of the new features in Prosper202 1.7 and what's to come soon:

Fight Between Ryan Bukevicz and Nana Gilbert-Baffoe - Performance Marketing Insider

Remember visit:
Prosper202 Self Hosted Apps tomorrow and be one of the first people to get the new Prosper202 1.7

Team Tracking202
Nana, Alex and You!
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