Avoid Redirection Problems and Increase Your Earnings !!!

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Hello Warriors,

Many people have been complaining about their ads getting disapproved on
Facebook due to the geo redirection feature of the networks. I myself was
suffering with this, so I made some research and found a solution.

There is site called CPAclickz.com, it redirects links according to geo locations.
You don't need any script or any knowledge of coding to using this.

We are allowed to place as many redirects we want for one click

Check out the video how it works acctually.

Free Geo Redirection Service - CPAClickz.com

Using this you can get you facebook ads approved with easy and also you can split test similar offer from various networks with it.

Lets take for example, you are promoting flirt.com offer for USA.
You have same flirt.com offer in 2 networks. Now you can place 2 redirects in cpaclikx one for each network.
Now you will get equal no. of click using one link.
So you can find out which one converts better.

If you had used some free traffic sources like article marketing seo and etc...

Then you would be wondering which offer should I place since many offers allow only few countries.
In this situvation CPAclickz can help you a lot.
You can redirect your CPAclickz link to each country seprately.

Lets take for example that you have one website which gets organic Search Engine traffic daily.
As we all know that vistors are from various parts of the world and it is very diffuclut to find one single offer which is avaible for all countries and even if you find that offer then it would have very less payout or that offer doesn't convert well as comepared to other offers.
So,you can use CPAclickz and redirect them to offers which are available for their country.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with CPAclickz.This thread has the only goal of sharing information and helping others.
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