Looking for a no BS sports nutrition MLM or autoship or private label rights

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Im a personal trainer / strength coach from Melbourne, Australia - business is going really well, im looking to put at least 1 more person on to help & doing less work in the business & more on it, including other income streams.

First thing im looking at is adding supplements.... but i dont want to do much work selling them, haha!

The easiest option is to become an affiliate for someone & just link to them...

Ive also a little experience in MLM, thats one option but im yet to find a decent sports nutrition company. I know amway, herbalife, mannatech etc have their ranges but theyre way overpriced & i cant sell something i dont believe in - can anyone point in the direction of a no BS sports supplement MLM? (no 24hr detox, **** juice, goji berries etc.)

Another option is linking to an autoshipper, again can someone point me in the direction of a no BS company?

My 4th, hardest to start but most relevant option is to get some private supplements done - this is closest to my heart as ive been working on formulas for years that actually work... i dont think im quite ready for this yet.
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