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Paperblog boosts ad serving reliability and
AdSense revenue thanks to DoubleClick for
Publishers (DFP) Small Business
Keep it simple
With 100% of Paperblog's business revenue derived from online
advertising, the need for efficient and problem-free ad serving has
increased as the company has grown. "We were previously using
an ad server which was hard to configure and became infected easily,"
explains Paperblog founder and CEO Nicolas Verdier.
While researching an alternative, the company came across DoubleClick
for Publishers (DFP) Small Business, Google's free hosted ad serving
solution that provides a complete toolkit to help publishers maximise
revenue across directly-sold advertising, AdSense and other
ad networks. "Two main reasons made us change to DFP Small
Business," reports Nicolas. "Firstly, the ability to optimise
AdSense revenue, and secondly, the well-known Google expertise
in making things simple."
i don't know what is it?
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