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by IMBotz
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Hi Guys,

Whats the popularity of PPV marketing like, among Warrior forum members?
Are there are many PPV marketers here?
And who are the top PPV marketers in this forum?

If there is enough interest I would like to build some tools.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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    I'd check out both affportal, affexpert and cpvden to see what competition you have, they all have a wide variety of tools and 1 is free and the other 2 are partners with sites that offer ppv training, so it will be difficult to compete with them IMO (not impossible, but difficult)
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      I was thinking of building couple of desktop tools to make it easier and faster for the marketers. These would compliment the already existing web based tools.

      Thanks for the info.
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    PPV marketing is still very hot. But I'd agree with Chris. It will be very very hard to compete with affportal or affexpert if your tools are not so POWERFUL (lots of unique features etc).
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    what i find best is to sit there without any tool or internet just brainstorm for related websites/category
    then i only use a tool. Because after all tools are just being tools. Don't rely on them too much..
    Yeaps. Affportal Affexpert and CPVDen have some useful tools to speed things up.

    the one i use the most is preview popper

    If you are in STM forum it comes with Affexpert
    if you are in AffPlaybook forum, you get Affportal free.
    CPVDen is free if you have internet
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