Stupid Question Of The Day (Week)

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I do adsense sites, and they do pretty good. I'm decent at SEO and building traffic through that method.

Google is quite fickle (understatement ) and I obviously need to diversify my income stream. I have found many CPA offers (lots of zip/email submits) that are very relevant to my niches.

My problem is, I have ZERO idea how to take advantage of those offers. I'd like to just add them to my existing sites, and I've been looking at CPA for months and still am lost.

I would very much like a pointer to somewhere that explains how to use leverage CPA's for existing sites, even a WSO (can't beleive I said that). I'm sure I'm leaving a fair amount of cash on the table by not utilizing this monetization method, and to be frank, CPA is clearly more exciting than Adsense

Thanks for any pointers and tips!
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