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I've had a fair amount of success with Adwords/content ads for CPA offers. I tried Adbrite this week, but NO conversions (with about 400 clicks from 1million+ impressions) even for top selling FREE offers. I thought that was strange.

Anyone have any suggestions? Any good ad networks that have worked for you?
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    Also, very important. If you want to run the offer of a network, call your AM for that network. We see these offers being run, and know which types of sites it works on and who it is good for. A good AM will always be glad to let you know if that offer would work for you, and if not have some ideas about offers that would work.

    As for a network with good CPA offers, see my sig.
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    The adonnetwork has quite a few profitable niches... And great customer support... Keyword and placement targeted.... cpm, and a few others...

    You should try them.

    Micah Rush

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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

    Found some general tips on one of "Yaro's" blogs.

    Tips To Maximize Your Results From Advertising With AdBrite
    1. Always check the hottest sellers list on the home page to see what sites might be new, or relevant at the current time period.
    2. Always check out the “ad specials” section in the advertiser dashboard, you will typically find some great deals.
    3. Think outside of the box, and think demographically. If you want college students where might they be?…if you want to reach women, what sites might they be on?
    4. Try multiple campaigns with different ad copy to see what might be converting.
    5. Setup multiple Run of Network campaigns at varying CPC rates. If CPC rates change or some advertisers drop out then your campaigns may see a big boost in traffic. Some at high CPC rates and some at the lowest.
    6. Test a variety of offers at low CPC rates for Run of Network ads.
    7. Make sure you add all of your key terms and all the Adbrite "categories" that apply to your Run of Network campaigns, this determines how much traffic you will receive.
    8. Buy ads on big traffic and small traffic sites. You can find some diamonds in the rough, small sites, and have 20 of these low volume sites at low rates and build up good results.
    Great tips! Thanks a million!
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