[STEP-BY-STEP] To Guide You To Make Money With Facebook Fan Page By My Own Method!

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You guys must have known the facebook fan page,and most of you might already have one.In this thread I want to show you my own method to establash a facebook fan page step by step.First of all we should know what can the facebook fan page do.It can really make you tons of money if you use it right way.

What do you want to use it for?Local business?Selling online products?Promoting cpa offers?Email Marketing?For me I don't sell products on facebook fan page,if you want to sell products I will build a landing page and gather people to my email list then promote the product throught the email.

I don't want to make this thread too long so I'll just share own experience on how I promotes the Tara and fortune test offers through facebook fan page.

Most of you guys might create a Tara or fortune fan page.For me I didn't do this at first.I would try to find a angle which would be great for the offer.So who wants the Tara and fortune test thing?Eventually I decided to use the Marriage Angle.Cause women want to get married and women would be more likely believe in the Tara things.So I created two fan page,one is for the marriage and the other is for Tara.You might be wondering why I need this marriage fan page.Think a little bit,these women want to get married not the Tara.Give them what they want!They want to get married,Ok,give them a marriage fan page.This fan page are mostly like a landing page.In this page you will share things about marriage and the Tara. Remember,Angle is the most important things in this method!

Now I will make my fan page more impressive.It's very easy,just google it you will find many great templates.Also I shared some tips or vidoes in my fan pages.

Now It's time to get fans.The only method and the most effective method is just making friends.I just mentioned that the angle is the most important part in my method.You might be wondering why.This is the reason.Cause if you got a great angle you will make friends easily and if you ask them to your fan page they will be there.And the most important thing is every friend will probably be your money eventually.

Now it's time to take advantage of the fan page and you have no idea how much money it can help you make even if you just put the direct link of the offer on the page.

There're also some tools you might will use to help you create account and make friends automatically.There're also some autolike tools will help you gather more fans faster.
That's it.That's the main part of my method.Really hope it can help you a little bit.

To Your Success
Mike Lynch
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    Sick of people pushing their services by creating new, meaningless threads.

    By the way, maybe I am stupid or ignorant, but what's a "tara"??
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      Hi Amod,
      First of all,thanks for you reply.You said my thread is meaningless.Please define meaningless and explain why it is meaningless.I just shared a method here.I don't know what is wrong is it.Maybe you're getting tons of fans everyday with your method or some tools.If yes,please share it to us.Also I want to point that there're many people who're new to this marketing and they don't know anything about it so I think this thread might help them.
      By the way."Tara" is an offer I used to promote.Didn't make it clear,Sorry about that.
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    Good post, well informed. You should try paid traffic to build your likes instead of pushing it on your friends.
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      Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for your reply.And please tell us what kind of paid traffic you think is great in promoting fan page.I have tried the facebook ads,and result is nice.If anyone also want to promote the fan page by using facebook ads,there's some posts in this forum about the facebook ads.
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