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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share some info and see what else I can get from all the masterminds on here about PPV marketing.

So far I have the following:

1. TrafficVance account

2. Google Script to create keyword URLS

3. I have the software to scrap the search engines based on the Google URLS I have created to find relating websites with those specific keywords.

4. Prosper202 tracking is fully setup with various campaigns.

5. I have the rotator fully setup with codefu.net

So It seems I have the foundation, or the basics down.

I ran a Test spent with various offers. Each was about a $20 test with about 5 rotating offers.

I first started with about 500 targets and then expanded to well over 1000. I was reading up on this on dominateim forum.

So far I have lost $10.

I spent about $300 and made $290 back....

I am seeing based on my results a lot of hit and miss.

Also a big mistake I made was the display ads only allow 800x600 pages, meaning most websites don't fit completely on the pop-up.

What is the best way around this? Banner? Creating Clickable Image Ads that size....

All input and criticism is allowed, want to make this profitable and consistent.

thank you for your time.

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