Hard-working guy is looking for the REAL IM mentor

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I need some training/mentoring in IM. So, I'm looking for a high-quality mentor.

Obviously not for free, but not for some crazy amount of money either.

I have pretty solid offline marketing & sales experience (you can have a look at my personal site: Home) and some IM experience as well. I left the corporate world for good now, will do IM full-time, especially interested in CPA now, but general affiliate stuff as well, basically need to develop deep understanding of all the aspects, it's all interconnected.

I dove into all this 3 weeks ago, basically getting up to speed now. Registered with some networks (both affiliate/CPA and advertising), have VPS hosting and CPVLab.

At the same time I feel I need someone to guide me in an intelligent way. I mean I get the big picture, but I need help in figuring out how to connect all the dots together, how to optimize everything. Need someone who has a good IM industry understanding, marketing wisdom and solid business sense.

So, if you feel you would like to share your wisdom, please contact me.

I'm ready to work as hard as needed. Potentially, if the future is bright enough, we could team up for some interesting projects.

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