HELP! Need Advice on Afflilate Tracking Software/Options

by ddall
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What I did: I made a review website. I have it ranking now for targeted keywords. I have traffic coming.

Where I am at: The number 1 product on my site is a review for a custom made item sold and distributed by ONE site only. I contacted this sites webmaster. We agreed upon a payout per item sold.

The Problem: Tracking, Tracking and Tracking. This website owner is not technical and does not have an affiliate program. I am not technical and do not know what solutions are available. I need to track people who click through my review site over to his including (obviously) conversions.

What I need: A simple solution that does not cost an arm an a leg. It must be simple to use and a system we can trust to be accurate and of which we can both track the data.

Advice is GREATLY appreciated, I cannot seem to get help from anyone on this matter.

Thanks (eagerly waiting for advice/suggestions to explore)
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