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I'm new to CPA after realizing there's better money to be made here than there is with Adsense. I'm in the process of moving some of my Adsense sites to CPA, taking advantage of some campaigns within my network.

Most of the Adsense sites I'm migrating over were 10 page sites targeting a main keyword existing in the domain, with the main post being "stuck" to the homepage.

This may be more of a general question that can apply to more than just CPA, but as I target the CPA offer, should I be creating a new post that targets the offer? Or should I be directly adding to my existing sticky homepage post? My fear is that I may lose the on-page SEO that is in place if I replace the home page with a new page that may not be optimized as well.

Thoughts on this....there is probably more I'm missing and need to learn about CPA, so sorry if this is really newbie. Thank you.
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