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Hello Guys , I hope all are doing yours internet business great here . I am a new comer on this sector . I want to take this seriously . I have a some experience on this but i wanna know more & i wanna take this professionally . I want to do affiliate marketing , CPA offers promotion & some more internet marketing also .I am a very hard working man so i can works so much & i have some websites also . I know basic webdesign , I am doing ppc so many year & i know so many small internet marketing things also .I expect some suggestion from experience warriors . please helps me for take this full time works .
Thanks .
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  • just explore this forums you can get help.
    I think if you know web-design then get your self ready well for that only.
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    • Originally Posted by triobacklinkbuilder View Post

      just explore this forums you can get help.
      I think if you know web-design then get your self ready well for that only.
      Thanks for your post , yes i know basic Html , Dreamweaver , FrontPage & word press also & now a days I try to hard works on develop my skill .
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    That's some good news.

    I'd suggest you focus on one traffic generation method at a time til you master it. Jumping from method to method will lead you nowhere.

    Another thing you wanna do along the way is building a list.

    Without it, you're a dead man. But, with a good & responsive list you always got money in your pocket.

    Good luck, brother!

    ATTENTION: Do you wanna make up to 100$ a DAY with 20 minutes of super-easy work?

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    If You Have Any Question .. Just Type Here And The People Will Answer You Fast

    Also You Can Find ebook And Video To Learn About CPA :


    Good Luck
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    • Thanks , I will must try with this networks . I have some cpa experience also & i have some traffic on my several wordpress site also . I will must try with your networks Thanks .
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    hmmmmm you are doing PPC already so I don't think that it would be difficult for you...
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    I'm in the same situation. Just browse the forum lots that's what Ive been doing and Ive learned a lot !
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    Join the War Room. Find what appeals to you. Focus on that ONE thing. Learn all you can. Take Action. Don't give up.
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    just go through the forum u can learn from here
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    I also want to learn the great steps/actions in CPA and internet marketing world too so I can be also like the other members here who are very successful in this field.. I really want to have a good income..
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    I have been doing CPA since the very beginning of my IM career and one thing I credit my success to is exactly what you suggest...taking this business seriously. It was little things like setting up a formal desk and work area, registering a formal business, and things like that that really made me think like a business owner.

    And that's really the key...approach this as a business not a hobby

    If you dibble and dabble like you would a hobby, it's going to be hard to gain momentum, so just stick your heels in and approach it like a business!
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      I say, take action & stay focused.

      Taking action means implementing what you have learned so far and not jumping to another method.

      Staying focused means taking action for a longer period of time before you make something out of it and mastering it, and only then moving to something else.

      Work these two principles into your work and you won't have difficulty trying to make money on the Internet.
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    Read and Read and Read! then NEVER GIVE UP!

    Stick on 1 idea then so on and so forth!
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      Originally Posted by Hyperion View Post

      Read and Read and Read! then NEVER GIVE UP!

      Stick on 1 idea then so on and so forth!
      That is what I'm doing right now. To gather more informations as much as possible and then put it into action..
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    Stick with it. That is key. Don't jump around and get overwhelmed by the amount of info when you can master the one.
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    While doing your research is vital before you start, don't get too bogged down in trying to learn everything before you make a move. You will learn more in the first few weeks of actually doing CPA than you will in a month reading about it.
    Affiliate and CPA Networks listed and reviewed
    Please feel free to review your network
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  • Thanks for all you guys give me some good suggestion & make me inspire . I am still studying this forums different section & i am trying to figure out my sites good also . When i think my sites are great & ready to acceptance for any good add or banner there I will start applying so many add places like cpa company & banner add sites . I hope i will also get some good guideline form you guys also . I am really Thank full to all warriors here . You guys are really helpful . Thanks .
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    Great WSO's here! Plus Great Coaches! All you need to succeed is a little money, EFFORT and TIME!
    ResQSoft® Engineer for Oracle WebCenter, packaged as a JDeveloper project. Software development and applications delivered within a single budget year.
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    you can start internet marketing through google adwords and faceboook advertising.its a better option than others
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