The key to making $$$$ in CPA Marketing!!!

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Guys guess what?

Everyone is always asking how do you make thousands a month/a day doing cpa
marketing. The truth even if you buy the best WSO or ebook out there on how to make money with CPA. It is not guaranteed you money.

Because YOU are the money maker, If you don't take action guess what no money, so you just have to keep pushing and take action.

I don't about you but i would rather keep taking action, action, action, instead of working in a 9-5 job where you do take action working hard labor.

Theirs a lot space for people to make money online. And a full time living.

Specially now since more and more people order more stuff online. Since technology keeps advancing more money for us.

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    Almost seems like this should go in the Mind Warriors Section
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    i did not understand that what do you want to say about key to making dollar
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    There Are Easy Ways To Make Money With CPA It Only Requieres Action i Have A Easy Way It Works On Autopilot But I Need To Take Action.And Need Good Landing Pages
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    Yes, at first it is not easy to become successful in CPA as my friend did. You need to have a lot of knowledge, effort in making your page to have a lot of traffics and anything else needed..
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      Excellent post. It's true, taking action is by far the most important aspect of working on the Internet. It's only you, who can push you to work, that's why it takes a lot of will-power to get yourself working.

      No-one can look over you to see to it that you are working, which happens if you have a day job. So, hold yourself accountable for how you spend your time, take it seriously as any other type of work and your chances of succeeding will be a lot higher.

      - Trev
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    its a trial and error method for most of us..but keep on going and success comes..
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    I agree, taking action is essential.

    However, I often see posts saying how important it is to take action and be persistent, which are obviously essential, but I don't see many people talking about another important factor: creativity.

    It's marketing, and marketing is not just about following methods, it's also about being creative and thinking outside the box. People who want to become successful internet marketers need to learn how to think in a creative way.

    For example, I see that most people looking to learn PPC are interested in learning how to choose an offer, how to set up a tracking system, how to get ads approved, etc... what they don't seem to worry about is what angle to use, how to approach the audience in a creative way, how to offer a real benefit for the end-user, etc...

    So, I think that besides taking action and being persistent, we should add being creative as another very important factor. IMO, the best marketers are the ones who find solutions for the problems of their campaigns, instead of just following the crowd and doing what others have already done.

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      williamrs i totally agree with you...i am still newbie at this thing. i have bought all kinds of products trying to gain knowledge in this field and i have boughst some really crappy products (sorry) but their ptch was awesome...their marketing was so on point that i had to i know there are good products out there that are not selling simply because the seller is not a marketer or advertiser....i am trying to learn this now as well after all it is selling

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    At First you shud need to Gain info then take action.....
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    I learned this outside of CPA when I bought my first WSO about mail marketing and first thing I did was get my ass off this forum and start making a website.

    6 weeks later I made my first $4,000 in offline marketing.
    So yes I'd imagine CPA is exactly the same. Just that theres a lot more crap to filter through in this forum =] (ok thats not true theres tons of hype in the offline forums too lol).

    I'd actually think something like reading 25% of the time and working 75% would be a good goal to aim for. Maybe even reading 10% and working 90%. I also did get very luck though and happen to find one of the best WSO's out there. Anway, like right now I'm typing here and know I have a profitable content locking idea I can be working on. So I'm leaving the forum right now to go invest in my next creation.

    There ALWAYS is that temptation like "Oh I just need to read 4 more articles on this method" or "I just need more proof that it works" or "I just need to make 1 more post to get this last question answered" but all that stuff wastes time. Time is money. And anyone who forgets that fact is going to make very little of it imo.
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    Taking action is key. Most want to learn everything they can first, then take action.

    They ask questions that don't even apply to them yet just so they're "prepared" when it happens. That's not the way to do it though.

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    Take action and NEVER GIVE UP!
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    Action is the key.
    "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." True, or true?!
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    Absolutely! Action is really the key to success!
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    I completely agree with you guys. Learn by doing, not just by reading. Take massive action right now!
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