Which Domain Extension To Use ?

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I am confused here which domain extension should i use if i targeting one country like USA, so should i use .us domain or .com domain. Please suggest me.
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    The most common extension to use is a .com suffix that is good for any country. But in saying that, there are a lot more extensions that you could use. It comes down to the type of website that you intend to create and what target audience you want to reach. Here is a link from the wikipedia site that will give a lot more information than me.

    List of Internet top-level domains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    .us is good if you want your audience to be exclusively from US, but otherwise use .com
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    .com .net and .org I haves been able to rank when it comes to seo. I found that when I wanted a site to do well in the social media side of things such as Facebook, .me worked because you can be unique with your URL name having the word me in it.

    Dailyseo.net - it's almost here :)

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    It's just a mith that you can only rank with .com's, .net's, and .org's.

    There is 0 difference unless you want to flip them, which if it isn't .com or the other ones it will drop price.

    For example if the keyword you want is dog training (just an example :p ) you will rank better if you put your domain the same as your keyword with a .info extention than you would with a dogt.com for example.
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    Most of my targeted audience is US, so may be .us, .net and .info is good for seo to rank on first page in google ?

    Actually i don't have much money to spend $9-10 for .com domain, i am actually noob here..
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    .com is KING. stick with it
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    go with .com for sure. if you don't have enough money to invest you could stick with wordpress.com blogs and squidoo pages to learn the basics and maybe make a little money.
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    Well, for country targeting, you can of course use national domains like the one you mentioned (.us). However, .com domains have no problem ranking in the USA or anywhere else in the world, so for the USA, you can choose either, I guess, there is no real difference between the two in your case.
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    You can rank with pretty much any extension if you are doing your SEO right, although a .com is always preferable because:
    a) its the most recognized extension
    b) even if you start out targeting country specific, you can expand for global traffic.
    c) if ever you come to selling the site/domain, a .com can make it easier to get potential buyers
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