Getting started on Facebook with CPA?!

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I am in marketing for some years and i got the SEO side, PPC side etc. but i am totally lacking experience when it comes to social media/facebook marketing.

I am seeing people making a killing on facebook and would need some pointers to get started. I am with several CPA networks, this is all no i don't need general advise how to do CPA but how to do it successfully on facebook.

Also..what apps/tools might help given that the budget is very limited. I do not want to do facebook PPC but looking for ways to generate free traffic, LOTS of it.
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    Hi GeorgR.,

    Facebook is a pretty hot topic right now and I think you can find a lot of tutorials on Internet. I found a good article called: The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook.
    However, as I am new here I cannot post yet links.
    That article seems however pretty clever and useful.
    I wish you loads of luck!

    Best Regards,

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    Hisocial hy ! i am waiting for this article. can you please write down it's link.
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    Yes, just go to Facebook and start a campaign. Make sure you target very specific demographics related to your niche. For example, I have an ad running right now on "dog training". So I target people(both male and female) b/w 21-45; also I enter "dog lovers" and "dog training" as keywords! That narrows my audience considerably; but it also focuses my ad to my niche and that's huge! Because now my ad is shown ONLY to people who are interested in what i am selling! I pay only for people interest in my offer not for people just looking at ads in FB. This increases my conversions and lowers my PPC. In addition, such focus ad placement allows me to send this audience to my landing page where I have an opted-in box to my Dog training newsletter! The money is in the list!
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    It is very important to target your ads.

    Demographics is a big component of having a successful ad campaign.
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