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I'm getting frustrated with some of these smaller CPA Networks. It seems that some or many of their offers don't pay out. I ran similar offers from other networks and they convert well. Then I run the same offer at a different smaller network and they have 100 clicks but no conversions. I give another offer from this same Network a try and same thing. No conversions. I go another small CPA network and select a couple at random and no conversion. Go back to good network (Hydra and Neverblue) and similar offers are converting.

What is going on? Are these smaller CPA networks trying to cheat me? Anyone have similar experiences?

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    i would just stick with what works. At least your getting the traffic and the clicks... Myself, being new at this, am having a really hard time even getting my ads to have a decent enough quality score to even get any impressions. You must be doing something right.
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