iPage is a SCAM - Don't work with them- they will not pay!

by harro1
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UPDATE - just got paid today after i posted here warrior forum helped me
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    Very Bad to hear that

    But dont think that every affiliate program is SCAM!!

    Dont loose the spirit! Try others
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    I have used the ipage affiliate program without any problem. Did they say why?

    *Edit: It did take m,e 3 months to actually get paid. It's in their contract that the customer must have been signed up for 3 months.

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    Originally Posted by harro1 View Post

    i tried ipage affiliate program and got like $420 commission in like 15 days, it was long ago like 3 months ago, and i am yet to be paid. Whenever i message them they reply that i will get paid this week but they never pay. I have sent them over 30 messages and i always get that response.

    So just a warning for you guys- DON'T WORK WITH THEM. There are other reputable hosting affiliate programs like hostgator, and fatcow.
    That' sad to hear. I heard they are good company. well they are good for hosting i know that. I heard Bluehost excellent when it comes to Affiliate program.
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    Did you wait 3 months yet?
    If not , dont say its a scam, its your fault for not reading the TOS

    If its been way past 3 months, then perhaps

    be careful to read payment TOS
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    Thank you for sharing your experience. Let me add that most every affiliate programs online are broke. Sure , you might say, they got the sale, so how can they have issues paying me?... simple, they earn much less and still drive their Ferrari Give them another month...

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    ipage affiliate program is a big scam. they dont pay commissions to their affiliate.Even they dont reply to your queries.In a good faith affiliates are promoting and ipage is getting hosting accounts through our references. But they dont pay affiliate commissions, that is how they are making money
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