What link do I use to Promote my Offer?

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What link am I post to use to promote the offer?

Do I use the Affiliate link? Tracking link? My own link?

Affiliate Link: http://www.acaipowercleanse.com/?bid=246&c=0&a=0&aid=

Tracking Link: http://x.azjmp.com/

Own Link: http://mywebsite.com/go.php?c=test
I just don't understand what link am I post to be using to promote the offer. Which is the best to use? Which one is the best to use for adwords?
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    You should ultimately use your tracking link to promote your offer and generate leads, otherwise the Network can't tell and track if other people have signed and submitted their information thanks to you

    However, you can also promote your offer (Google Adwords for example) via your own web page (landing page), where you send your visitors and show them some pre-sell, pre-lead information, including maybe, some type of ebook or something like that where you can also start building an e-mail list, and from there you point them to your tracking link, where they will be completing the offer for you

    Good luck!

    Tip: To hide your affiliate link, to shorten it and to improve it visually, you can use redirect services such tinyurl.com, or notlong.com
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