Landing Pages vs. Direct Linking for CPA?

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How important are landing pages for ppc advertising? Can decent money be made without them using only direct linking?
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      With Microsoft Adcenter I've tried the same offers both ways. The Landing pages convert better.
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    Having your own Landing Pages allows you to collect leads and build a list. And having a list makes for a better long-term monitizatioin strategy. You can always follow up with your list and present them with more offers.
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    It makes too much sense to have one vs not having one. It's just so much more beneficial. Will you get conversions without one? Sure you will. Are you maximizing your profit potential? Nope. Just buy a cheap domain like a .info they're only a couple bucks and then use a wordpress template to build the site. It's not rocket science and you'll make much more money this way and after all this is all about improving the profit margin.
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      I don't think you can say you need a landing page like some people do. internet marketing isn't sience. every offer will work and convert different. You'll have to split test between lp every offer to know what converts best. sometimes directlinks just work a lot better.
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        Landing page is the way to make even more profits in the long run, whereas Direct Linking is the fastest way if you can find out some profitable ones.

        But I prefer going for the landing page route as I could have more control for my leads.
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    Test both, with landing page and without landing page. Most marketer prefer landing pages so they can collect emails. But some audience hates clicking and typing more just to see the offer. Just do some split-testing, what works with others may not work for you
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    It depends a lot on what you're doing. Different offers and different traffic sources work in different ways.

    On Facebook, for example, some offers perform much better without a landing page. Why? Because people on FB browse too fast and are not looking to make important decisions or put too much thinking on anything. Landing pages make the process longer and FB users can consider them annoying, so, sometimes, direct linking can be better. You just show them an ad offering something interesting, they click on it, fill out a quick form and they are in. This is a process that doesn't require too much thinking and is pretty fast for them to go through.

    On the other hand, promoting CPS offers or free trials with media buys will, most of the times, require some sort of preselling, because most of those offers have little information about the product on their pages, and people won't buy something without knowing exactly what it is, so a landing page can allow you to give them more info and convince them to complete your offer and buy the product.

    So, as I said in the beginning, it depeds. There is not a right or wrong answer to this question.

    The best is you focus on one traffic source and one specific type of offer, and then master that combination. If you do it, you will know when you should or not use landing pages with your campaigns, and also what type of landing pages (because they are not all the same).

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