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Is it normal that i have almost everyday 100 clicks but only less than 7 convert and i earn less than 5$. What i should do to earn more?
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    You really need to provide us with more information. What is your conversion offer and what is your traffic source? Since you make only $5 for 7 conversions I assume it is about some cheap CPA offer or pay per download lead.
    If you are paying for traffic, you should make sure your ROI is positive before anything else.
    If you are getting free traffic, then test some other landing page variations, other offers or other traffic sources.
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    Having a 7% conversion is quite high, but I would assume your talking about ad clicks or something similar.

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    That's not a bad conversion rate at all.

    Now it depends on what network you're using, how much you are spending and so forth, but ultimately that's a great CTR for PPC.

    Average is around 3% - 5% out of hundreds of thousands of impressions. So you may only be seeing 7% because of the amount of people who have been to your sites.

    Keep it up dude

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