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I know i have dissed clickbank on the forum in the past saying that you cannot make money with it, however i am taking that statement back. I think i was a little bitter because when i started internet marketing I lost allot of money with ppc and clickbank products. Now that i realize the importance of keyword research i make plenty of money with clickbank products in PPC. So don't give up on clickbank.
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    I believe that whatever businesses you have on the net you should have an affiliate business promoting Clickbank products running as close to auto pilot as possible.

    I use and I teach a system for making some decent money with clickbank, I think that the really big hitters earning $10,000+ a month are few and far between because 95% of clickbank products aren't that great, but the 5% should be able to net you between $2000 - $3000 a month comfortably without PPC.

    With PPC I would say $4000 - $7000 with a lot of PPC tracking and work.

    Personally I love the web 2.0 no PPC module.

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    PPC scares the hell out of me. I am just starting to research it and the fear it setting even farther in.

    Hi :)

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    Ya PPC is scary i lost at least $500 dollars at first and once you get a handle on it and have the ability to spot really good products then you will be successful.
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      Originally Posted by creck01 View Post

      Ya PPC is scary i lost at least $500 dollars at first and once you get a handle on it and have the ability to spot really good products then you will be successful.
      How did you do it? I mean make money in click bank. I lost about $200 dollars and didn't make anything.
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    I would be interested in hearing more about these systems you guys (creck01 & Edward Green) have in place for doing PPC / getting traffic to Clickbank products.

    I've been doing mostly SEO work to get my Clickbank related sites ranked highly by choosing the right KW etc. It is a SLOW go that way for sure.

    I've done some PPC through Google, Yahoo, and MSN but always end up in the red or just breaking even. I do use PPC Coach but it's really just a forum with more public discussion than coaching, although the tools in there are great.

    In return, I've got the site / blog in my sig that has an Alexa of 57,000. It gets plenty of traffic so I could provide some free advertising for your program, product, or whatever.

    Reply here or via PM in interested.
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      I see people saying clickbank sucks here and there, and quite frankly I don't understand them at all. In my short IM career, Clickbank is the only place I earn from, it's just wonderful for all I can say.

      And 99% of traffic so far I get is from PPC, namely AdWords. SEO takes time and I'm around not long enough yet to get real results in it, but getting there. I love PPC though because you can instantly test keywords and avoid working on SEO of those which don't convert!

      PPC is scary indeed, if you can call it that, in the way it is expensive to learn. I've 'lost' couple 1000's until I got a hang of it, but I don't usually use word 'lost', I prefer to say I've invested in learning it, of which I'm now reaping the benefits.
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    Keyword research is the key. You can make some money
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      That's right, when you know how to research keywords and which keywords to target then it becomes a lot easier to promote products using PPC.
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    The success key for click Bank and PPC exists in:
    1- Good product, which will convert well.
    2- Good Landing Page, to Keep your visitors and NOT run away.
    3- Good Keywords, not any junk keywords!
    4- Good and attractive ad, to maximize CTR, and minimize CPC.
    5- Excellent QS to minimize CPC to its lower rates!

    Good Luck.
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    Hey Hifonix
    I learned how to get cheap clicks and most of my success comes from review sites they seem to convert like crazy. There are a few products that for some reason convert via direct linking. Ill give you a hint one of them involves the sun.
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