Setting up new CPA offer for client pays $20 per

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Here is the deal:

I have a partner who has worked with the "Head Guy" for payout to affiliates, for a company with some deep pockets, if the leads are solid. (no 2000 signups from china etc...)

We are going to act as their master affiliate to find others who would like to drive sign ups and actually get paid.

Right now the person signing up, should have some interest in the stock market. They will be filling in a form for a NO CHARGE DEMO Account, with Name address etc... NO Credit Card Info at all! Once they have completed the form the affiliate receives credit for the sign up.

They are paying Monthly right now, (Yes we already got a check.) but as volume increases we can most likely, go to 1st and 15th, since they are not collecting money from the person who signs up, we get instant credit with a two week hold for fraud prevention.

We are not using a CPA network so we can work directly with marketers to ensure quality leads for our client and for you to make the most money possible on each signup. I am only posting this here for warriors first, if we get enough help, we may not let anyone else know about it. (right now they want to limit it to 100 sign ups per day for 100 affiliates. So you are capped at $60K per month in earnings. I am sure if someone starts to approach that we can find a way to cut back on new affiliates to let the superstars really shine.)

Just send and email to me at stockdemos @
Include your best contact email and or phone # and any info you would like us to know about how we can best work together to make you some money while providing quality signups for our client, and we'll get the ball rolling. We can assign affiliate IDs this weekend so if it is a fit there is nothing to prevent us from starting right away.

Rick Dearr
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