Millnic and can you reaply if denied to a CPA

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I am new to CPA but was recommeded a CPA company called Millnic.

I have quickly browsed some of the CPA messages on this thread and I can see that Its not anywhere as straigtforward as I was led to believe.

Anyway I did apply to Millnic and I was refused application. I was not aware one could not be a newby to apply.. what I dont understand is everyone at one time is a newby.
So what do they have to loose in not accpting me.. Ill be doing the work and paying out on advertising..

I have since read that Millnic have a bad reputation although they are claimed as one of the highest payouts to their affiliates.

I am just curious if anyone has had any success with them and if anyone who has been
refused on any CPA programme, if they have managed to reapply .
If so can anyone advise how I best go about re applying.

For eg can you sign up under a different address if one has one ...

or should I phone them and try and convince them that I am serious at wanting to
market their offers and say that in fact I was not a newby but had overloooked the application and filled in the wrong facts. ie I said I was a newby not thinking..

I do have a few various websites of my own for my own niche product offers.. but not an affiliates.. would this help in trying to convince them I have some marketing experience even IF I dont yet have much success..

Although I heard some negative stuff about them I was considering giving them an initial
trial if I could get reaccepted.

I was going to try the ringtones offer...

Can any one recommend another good CPA network for ringtones

Many Thanks

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    Hi Honest biz pro.

    Thank you for your HONEST advice !...

    I will try and take it and slow down a bit to see if I can find the info that I may require as you seem to indicate..

    I did in fact spend at least 20 minutes looking But I could not see much actually about Millnic...

    I will take more time and look again unless someone does have any Millnic
    experience and info that I am looking for and replies here.

    Thank you again

    cheers Dowsp
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    The first post in the CPA section includes a large list of CPA networks. You will probably find numerous networks that offer ringtones. The main point in the forum is if you are going to build a CPA business you will need to get in with many CPA networks. There are several threads by people asking who some of the better CPA networks are. honestbizpro is right. Don't worry about being denied from one when there are so many more that you can apply to.

    Having a website helps and it doesn't matter if you sell your own product or promote as an affiliate. What they do want to know is how you will generate traffic.

    If you are denied then you need to call them. Find out why you were denied. Many times they just want to know that you are a real person. I have been denied, called them and got approved.
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    Hi Tommy

    Many thanks for passing on your advice and experience.

    That is good if you managed to call them and get them to
    change their minds and approve you...

    Thats the Beauty of this forum on finding out these useful bits of advice and and nuggets of info from others experiences..

    cheers have a great day!

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    There is a WSO on how to get accepted into any CPA you might want to check it out
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      Originally Posted by caleb View Post

      There is a WSO on how to get accepted into any CPA you might want to check it out
      Hi Caleb, thats my WSO

      To answer one of your questions Dowsp, it's absolutely no problem to reapply after you've been turned down. In fact, I was turned down by a network myself when I was applying. I just picked up the phone, talked with them a bit (and found out why I was turned down so I didn't make that mistake again), and the guy practically apologized for turning me down.

      Heck, truth be told, I'm living proof that you don't have to be a seasoned internet marketer, or have ever done any CPA marketing at all, to get accepted. You just have to know what to say and to have set yourself up so that you look like the professional they're searching for to be in their network (and no, you don't need to build your own web site to still have everything they want, but you do have to do a few things if you really want to seal the deal).

      Once your accepted, there are a lot of people here that know a lot about this, so you'll have plenty of resources to pull from. In fact, honestbizpro has a really nice wso that will show you a lot of great techniques, but you've got to get yourself accepted first.

      Don't give up! One of my best customers is a stay at home mom that was turned down by CPA network she applied at before learning what to do. At last count, she's now been accepted by 7 CPA networks in a row.

      You can make it, and this is a GREAT are to be marketing in!
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        I got turned down by Millnec, also. It's really a numbers game. Just keep applying, and soon you'll have plenty of networks to choose from. I got accepted right away from some, and never even talked to anyone. Others, I had a conversation with someone from the network before I was accepted. I will say that everytime I talked with someone, I got accepted to that network.
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    Hi Caleb

    Thanks for the info..

    Sorry was a specific link to the specific details.


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    You can re apply with same name, same address again in any CPA network.they decline you for some reasons.Try to sort out your problem with the CPA network.
    Yep revenue is one of the best ringtone CPA network.
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