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Hello everyone yes me again.

I am creating a information/training product for the cpa industry.

Its going to be very very solid. I have spent the last several months, testing and figuring things out that many are not wishing to share, or that you wont find in 1 ebook, but you will need to read about 200 ebooks to find the missing pieces.

What i would like to do, is to have everyone throw some input out on what you would like to learn and get better at.

PPC? PPV? CL? Social media? Articles/press release? etc...

There is countless and endless ways to drive traffic.

I also want to share with you guys solid methods and ideas, I wont give you the exact step by step detail, because that defeats the purpose of you going out and learning a bit yourself which doesn't hurt at all... lol

It takes a bit of creativity and testing to find WINNERS... But I am willing to share with you the foundation blocks you need, and how certain things work so you have a much better understanding on how to successfully begin building your cpa empire.

Also learning from forums and getting information is decent, The key is KNOWING the right people in the industry and learning from them directly.

I have literally spent thousands in coaching, ebooks, advertising, testing etc. And have data, results and CLEAR information to share to help others.

Benefits To Me:

1. brands me as a leader and mentor in the niche (Why do you think Luke can demand $2500 coaching, Well because he is a leader, and the real deal, that creates tremendous amount of value and demand)

2. I create relationships, network and a community of trusted marketers to interact with and coach

3. My true inner happiness is helping others, save people from the dirty work I had to do to figure and learn so much, by just laying out the steps and path infront of you

4. Longterm Coaching, education, more products, more methods to share, etc. as time goes on

5. I don't know where you could lead me to, Meaning your network of people could lead to other possible business ventures and a win/win situation

6. Creating a residual income throughout the networks, Having people sign up under my Network Accounts. (yes their is risk, but hey no reward if no risk is taken)...

Alrighty, I know this forum has good info, but trust me 99% of you on here are still figuring things out, if you had a solid foundation and some blocks to build off with good quality video trials, pdfs, and webinars you would do so much better.

Thank you and have a great day.
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    Most people interested in CPA are going to want to learn more about PPC.
    Doesn't mean they'll/I'll buy your book, but if the general focus is CPA then PPC should be a large part of the strategy outline.
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    and how to convert cheaply ...or where to run ads for cheap

    free facebook ad trials . proof before payment

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    I totally agree with you..

    But there does come a time that PPC is going to be part of your marketing in some shape or forum.

    Trust me I understand the risk and having capital, but its the easiest way to TURN on and TURN off "Targeted" traffic.

    Yeah I'm making this for newbies, and helping them build a solid foundation to begin with.

    I do agree, people need and want to know how to put $$ in their pocket...

    I also want to educate and inform people on personal development and lots of mindset building, business ethics etc mixed in.

    I notice many try to come online and just make "money"... Everyone can just make "money", but the real successful people building lasting businesses that keep paying them every month, year, decade etc.

    So I want people to also realize, making money will only make you a living.. creating profits, leverage, outsourcing and a business will make you a fortune in the long run.

    Then after going through my course people will be able to find out what they want to focus on, where they want to take cpa and they I can have a advanced training or pass them on to higher coaching programs and they will begin to notice things themselves and take off with it.

    Thank you for input everyone.

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    I think you also need to include topics regarding to free traffic and building a solid foundation for traffic to include all variations.

    I do think you need to include some step by step procedures. If you are going for the newbie market then you need to include some stuff that will get them going quickly. I am new to CPA so learning some methods step by step has helped me. By knowing exactly how to get from point A to point B I have begun to think outside the box and figure out different ways to get there.

    Another helpful topic is the lingo or terms used in the market.

    Also, warn about the downsides in the industry like scrub rate. I have heard of many people thinking they are getting huge checks from their CPA network so they increase their PPC costs only to find out the scrubs created a huge loss instead of a profit.
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    I think it would be very useful to have some case studies of how you operated a specific campaign from start to finish.

    It sounds like you have a good deal of experience so I'm sure you're aware their are quite a few 'general information' ebooks out there about CPA. The more specific your information course is the more valuable it would be, imo.
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    Hey guys,

    awesome input here.. Much appreciated.

    Yes I do have a lot of data, stats and information that I can expose.

    A case study does sound very interesting to build from 0 and show the steps and progress.

    I will def. Add free traffic sources.

    One thing that a lot of the big players do in the industry. They are masters at OUTSOURCING...

    And I know many of you are saying, well I dont have the $$ to outsource, or I don't know how etc. I started with very little, and found through a certain amount of research how to develop strong pulling outsource project posts, and how to filter out all the people bidding on your job etc.

    One of the things I like to do, is focus on my STRENGTHS....

    Example: When I was younger I played soccer for the US national Team, I wasn't any super star scoring machine, I was very good at defending really and leading.. So I focused all my energy and time on that position, while I had other team mates around me who were good at their specific roles.

    Same thing here guys in the world of CPA/IM niche... Once you create a build yourself a team of solid/skillful people then all you do is focus on your strengths and delegate the rest to your team of people.

    Once again thank you all for the input.... Going to keep taking notes and writing the ideas.

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    Yes, that does occur at times... i usually have a percentage setup.

    Like 40% upfront and then I pay the rest after completion.

    Also one of the things, I have tested that worked pretty well for me. I got this off the dominate IM forum.

    Where you outsource work, but give them a percentage of the sales.

    So if you hire article writers, create tracking links and if they produce sales through articles, then you pay them a commission on those sales.

    I call it the in-direct JV... haha just thought of that as I am writing this

    Anyways good stuff coming along here.

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    I agree with kflo. How to get the biggest return on your ppc advertising dollars
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