my 7search experience so far

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OK 2 weeks into PPC-CPA
My initial PPC investment of 50$ is finished
I lost cash not as much as some but I did

In total I ran 4 offers
3 email submits one dating

The first campaign was miserable I got very little impressions and only 3 clicks although I did get a conversion

Second campaign dating tried to roate 3 sperate dating offers one got 99 clicks the other 40 -no conversions

Then I ran another offer got 131 clicks 1 conversion

nerly giving up I ran another campaign
email submit better got a 5% conversion rate
316 clicks 15 conversions

In total I made 26.50$ back
loss 24.50$

What I have learned
Track more do better keyword tracking next time
End campaigns that arent converting sooner

I will go back to 7search but also want to try other ppc programes
I will continue
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think you can get a profitable campaign very soon after some more tweaks. And IMO, your campaign can't simply be 'set and forget', you have to use tracking to get rid of the keywords that don't convert and keep only the ones that do! Tracking is crucial on running a successful campaign with any paid traffic sources.
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    Thanks for the share. It looks like you're on the right track. I'm always interested in 7search results so I hope that you'll continue to share.
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    but i not got good result.... my cpa network showing 10 clicks and 7search showing 25 clicks what is this .........???
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      Originally Posted by Agent316 View Post

      but i not got good result.... my cpa network showing 10 clicks and 7search showing 25 clicks what is this .........???
      There are various reasons why there might be a discrepancy in clicks that are being show.

      Some common issues that can lead to discrepancies in "click" totals are:

      · Web pages that do not fully load when clicked by a 7Search visitor

      · Java based tracking analytics, like Google Analytics

      · Differences in "click" counting requirements which are unique to a program. This link will provide you with more information: Accuracy Whitepaper for web analytics | Measuring Success

      For example, if a 7search surfer is redirected to your web site and the page does not fully load, a click will register in your 7Search account. It may not, however, be tallied by your analytics package.

      Advertisers who use Java based conversion tracking analytics may experience different "click" totals than what is reported in their 7Search stats. The accuracy of the data provided by a Java-based tracking program can be affected by the settings of the visitors to their website. Visitors who have Java disabled on their computer also will not register as a "click" in java based analytics.

      PPC Analytic programs may also utilize different criteria, including a "time on site" or "2 click" model for counting clicks which can cause totals to differ from 7Search. 7Search "clicks" are parsed by our system with no other scripts, including Java, involved. They are registered at the moment the click occurs regardless of the factors presented above.

      Please understand that the only way you can verify that a click did reach your site is by checking your raw server logs (not data from a third party analytics package, such as Google Analytics). It may be possible that these clicks are reaching your site, but are not being tracked by your analytics.
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    It is a learn by doing therefore by investing $50 and experiencing first hand how CPA works paid you back in experience even if you only made back $25,50. You took action which is the secret to eventually succeed.
    But of course you have to make sure you did learn something from it, and yes as mtmjohn said you must monitor and track your campaigns, quickly drop the losers and focus on the promissing.

    refine your keywords, try longer tale for possibly less traffic but cheaper and more targeted.

    there are other ways with CPA but if you are going the PPC way you must be on top of your campaigns and data or you may waste or let's say not make the most of your dollars

    keep it up
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    There is an WSO out now that's called PPC Quake that addresses 7search and clickbank.
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    Don't know why so many of you guys mess with email submits.

    My opinion is that they are shady. Prone to scrubbing. Small margins etc...
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    many ppl are talking about 7search, but so far I've always think that one should stick to the big ones: fb, google, yahoo.
    This limit the chances or gettig ripped off--
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    Originally Posted by espresso View Post

    What I have learned
    Track more do better keyword tracking next time
    End campaigns that arent converting sooner

    I will go back to 7search but also want to try other ppc programes
    I will continue
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It will help me taking decision about 7search. Also hope your return to 7search will bring success.
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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    Hey all
    I have had some health issues over the last month or two so couldnt do much
    I have done some more work however over the last few days and more next week

    I ran another 2 campaigns last night
    1 had zero clicks with one

    the other I had 61 clicks and no conversions will try a separate sales page

    I have been banned from adbrite apparently for using an unauthorized credit card :?:
    Their network is crap so not worried

    I am also testing with bing at the moment which I have a couple of threads on
    Going OK but need more clicks
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    Ive been using 7search too..

    So far I've invested $75 and have made like $25

    Something I've learned is direct linking is tough. I have low conversions with direct linking. Sucks that I lost my first $25 before reading a blog post that mentioned this exact issue. Lol.

    Also ran a celebrity based offer and it ran its course rather quickly.

    Running a new campaign now and got 100+ clicks. I didn't think it would do this well and only directed the traffic to a blog. Now I'm setting up to switch over to some type of offer.

    Make sure you use the keyword option. It's like eye contact for internet marketing.

    If anyone would like to brain storm and bounce ideas off each other hit me up on here

    Best of luck
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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