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I am looking for an adserving network. I know that there are many but I need one that will serve the ads for me, so that I dont have to put codes of different advertisers.

Is there a good network? Would you recommend such thing?

I heard about Google Double Click. But its more an adserver where i put my own code. Who do the bigger sites do this?

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    Your question is not clear.

    Do you own your own website, and you're trying to get ads from other advertisers to appear on your own website? Or are you trying to find a way to display your own ads on other websites?
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    I own a website and want to place ads. So i dont wont to only display adsense. But also some other ads. And I search for one network that will have already advertisers and I only need to put one code I the page. So i dont want the typical adserver where i can insert my own campaigns from advertisers.
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    And if i would use an adserver(where i put my own codes in it). Which advertisers are good? Where can i find them. But I am speaking about like networks and not individual advertisers
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    the best thing to do is to work with the following:
    adk2 Publishers for your ad serving management tool
    adstract for your ad network.
    adk2 is a very simple and free ad server made for SMBs.
    adstract is one of the best ad network i know. Video oriented but not only and the cpms i am getting there are very good. The major plus is that you do have somebody to talk with on a daily basis. And this is very helpful!
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    You can sell your premium traffic for Google AdSense, and if you have unsold traffic, you should monetise it with Fidelity Media...
    I think this method can increase your revenue. Of cuz your site must have only legal content.

    Also I heard a lot of good comments about Value Click.
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