Content Locking + PLR + List Building + Dirty Sex Acts

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Ok how many of you only decided to view this because of dirty sex acts?

Ok gang, this may be something thats already been discussed here one or two or even a few times. Although i've never seen it discussed.

So if its something similiar to what you've read before.

Be my guest and keep it moving.

Anyway, here we go. The concept is friggin' idiot proof.

1. Purchase a set of QUALITY PLR rights (my favorite is

2. Take & modify (make sure the rights allow this) at least (3) of the
PLR products.

Note:: Modify meaning changing the graphics, rewriting the content (assuming its an ebook or report) adding bonuses etc....The idea is to take the PLR product and make it as unique as possible. Make it your own.

3. Get an AutoResponder (Aweber,Getresponse,iContact, MailChimp etc...)

4. Write or have written (outsource) a squeezepage, short report and 10 day AR email series. The idea is to write the materials AROUND the over arching theme of the (3) products you'll be promoting.

Example:: Lets say you find & decide to promote PLR ebook/reports on Backlink Building, SEO & Facebook marketing.

The overarching theme is 'Internet Marketing'. So have your short report (10 pages is fine) & AR series written in a GENERIC fashion on the subject of internet marketing.

5. Ok heres where it gets sexy ...Join several of the content locking networks (BlamAds, AdWorkMedia,, AdscendMedia, LeadBolt) theres a SLEW of 'em. Heck even my upcoming CPA network will offer a content locking tool.

Now, what you're going to do is go through the steps to generate the code for the Content Locker. Then you're gonna take that code and add it to the product download page.

6. Upload each of your (3) products to your hosting server.

7. In my post titled 'How to Make 7Search Your B*tch, I talked about a tool called cloak n' rotate.....this is a great tool for cloaking and rotating links.

Heres how you'll be incorporating this tool.... or heres how it'll look at a glance.

-Visitor Subscribes
-They hit the thank you page
-They check their email for the confirmation email
-They click the confirmation link (double opt-in)
-The cloak n' rotate tool rotates each of your (3) products

I'll explain why its a good idea to rotate the product links below.

For each of your products you'll want to add teaser copy at the very top of the page (don't override the sales page Headline)...something along the lines of ....

Keep Reading to Find Out How You Can Get This Awesome (course,ebook,report,video software etc....) Absolutely FREE!

Okay, so you see where i'm going with this....if NOT...keep up smokey :p

We're combining the Power of List building with the Power of FREE (via Content Locking)

Now...The idea behind rotating each of your product links is simple. Here it is. Rotating the links allows you to find out which of your (3) products has enough appeal and creates enough desire to get visitors to complete the content locker.

By rotating your product links you may find that no one hardly ever completes the content locker for the SEO product, but TONS of people complete the content locker for your Facebook marketing report.

By having this data at your disposal, now you can take the next LOGICAL step; FOCUSING driving subscribers to that ONE particular product via your AR email series.

Now, obviously until you gather enough 'discovery data' to know which of these products has the most should direct traffic from your AR email series to each product....Earlier, I suggested 10 email messages

- Intro
- (3) to drive traffic to the SEO product
- (3) to drive traffic to the Backlink building product
- (3) to drive traffic to the Facebook marketing product

Whats the total boys n' girls? -10- Yaayyyyyy school works

Once again...after the WINNING product bubbles to the top, this
is when you'll focus ALL email traffic to that ONE product. lets fire this puppy up! (TRAFFIC) :rolleyes:

Don't whine...spend a few bucks to test, gather data and roll out::

-WF Classifieds $20 bucks
-MyFreeAdBoard Classifieds $28 bucks for 20 days (I think)
-AdlandProClassifieds $14 bucks
-Solo ads (1 or 2 to start)

Awesome....the Power of List building + the POWER of FREE

OHHH yeah baby....its time to PIMP the Sh*t out of FREE.

Wishing You Great Success!
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