hmm am i right or am wrong ?

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ok guys this started when i first time was o where i gone through a job post about someone looking for CPA Leads and since then i kept on stalking on those people and kept reporting to networks about those scammers , Today just i posted again on a Facebook group (my post was just advising peeps not to go for any guaranteed leads i might be there and report to cpa network ) and i was abused like hell by a network owner ? saying i am getting paid by cpa networks and saying crap about me don`t want to give any names but am i wrong ?advising newbies not to go for shortcuts and use legit methods only ? am i wrong in stopping scammers who literlly rip off networks and also to those newbies who are getting ripped off by fake guaranteed leads providers . Is it a crime to report some one who is playing with a cpa network ? if am wrong i am really sorry to every sammer in this industry. I was doing this not for money not for anything else other than reason just because this industry is what pays my bills.This industry is what made KJ is today.And when any network goes out of business it really hurts

Really very disappointed ...

Don`t know why i posted this thread here only because here i consider this forum just like my home on internet , but if any scammer out there is hurt by any means from my threads my blog posts or even on facebook i am really sorry ...

Disclaimer i never got paid by anyone till today for posting any thread or any post on my blog what so ever only i get paid by network only when i generate leads for them and of course i do generate leads by driving legit traffic
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