Banner ads for low traffic sites?

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I have one website that is getting only a few thousand page views per month. That's nothing spectacular, I know, but I wanted to try and find a way to monetize it. The traffic is probably not there to do much with affiliate products. I also need to tweak the niche so that it has more marketing potential. In the meantime, are there any banner ad networks that accept sites with this traffic volume?
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    You can offer advertising yourself for very low rates. What's your niche? How much would you charge for advertising?
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    Try applying for Adsense if your site is complied to their TOS. I think it's the best one who will give you the maximum profit for low traffic (because other Ad networks charge advertisers at lower rates and need high volume traffic to make some money) in addition to the Ads quality with Adsense.

    If your almost traffic from US and Canada try Chitika for photo-text Ads.
    Or try to sell the Ad space directly on your website.
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    Join a good CPA network and ask your affiliate manager to help you choose offers based on the demographics of your visitors. That would be more profitable than using a CPM network.
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    Look into Casale media. They may accept your site as their minimum impressions per month requirement isn't as high as other sites such as Tribal Fusion. Burst Media may also be a good option.

    I wouldn't, however, recommend running CPA offers as conversions can be horrible based on my experience. Remember that with CPA you're getting paid "per action". The only exception is if you're running offers that are ultra-specific to your site. For example, you have a "Popular Baby Names" website and are running a "1 years supply of Free Diapers" CPA offer. In that case, you'll do great.

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