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Anybody using Rockstar Power Suite?
It looks like it was promoted about a year ago with RockStarAlliance
but there's not much about it since this past summer
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    if you have the dough, then get it

    Greg is a superaffiliates
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      I'm curious, if you're not using it why would you recommend it?
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    Don't get me wrong. I didn't recommend it.

    I said if you have the money, then buy it. If you don't leave it.

    I didn't buy it because I have other tools.
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      Do you have tools that you'd recommend in place of Rockstar Power Suite?
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        Originally Posted by frostbytes View Post

        Do you have tools that you'd recommend in place of Rockstar Power Suite?

        i'm also interested in less expensive alternatives...
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    I'm posting a more recent interaction with this company. I got caught up in the possibilities of what I thought their product could do for me, so I made the leap. Unfortunately at the time my credit card didn't go through and I was a little bummed.

    It seemed like a solid product, a simple system, email list supplied, extra support if your having trouble, it all sounded great! But after further research and reading more reviews I decided it was probably better my credit card didn't go through and I that didn't get the product for these reasons:

    -Have to be willing to learn the ends and out's of PPC
    -Couldn't get questions answered, no contact information
    -Suggestion, need better customer support for the price
    -Was unsure if webinar was live
    -Suggestion, if not it's ok, just make video showing how product works and don't fake live webinar, credibility issue. that's all.
    -Have to be willing to dedicate the time, month's to make it work.
    -My plate was to full, and I'll admit, I'm guilty of shiny object syndrome, their video was good.
    -Old negative reviews about customer support not responding.
    -Was nervous I was going to have same experience.

    So after being content with not owning another product, feeling proud that I kept my money in my pocket, to be used on the other five projects I have to finish, wise decision right? I even made sure with my credit card company that the charge didn't and wouldn't go through once a charge was declined, in where the two day old agent assured me that every thing would be all good.

    Long story short, the charge went through a day and a half later, I contacted keyword rockstar customer support thursday morning, didn't hear back from them but they credited my card back the following monday morning, so technically in 48 hours they resolved my issue. Keep in mind I din't receive any email list from them, they normally don't offer guarantees' for this reason.

    Even though I can't give an honest review of the product. I'm sure if you put the time in and work with them, it could work for the right person. So in my case they've seemed to step up there game and I was happy with how they handled the situation.

    My suggestion to them as a potential customer would be to make it easier for us to connect to have questions answered when buying, especially for the price, and monthly fee, more upfront and transparent would earn serious points.
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