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by tenkuu
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When we place Google's ad on our website, how much Google pays for every click and every thousand impression?

Thank you.
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    This is going to vary greatly on the types of ads that are shown on your site and how much advertisers are paying per click. Retargetting ads also come into play regardless of the content of your site. I've had clicks generate 1 cent for me and others that generated $4.00 a click.

    A good way to try to get the best results on your payout is to find a few niche keyword phrases that are related to terms that have a high CPC on adwords, and then write content that includes the high CPC keywords to try to encourage adsense to serve these higher cost ads.
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    Good answers.

    Thanks Nekojin and Nicko Chalke
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    but i have another noob question that How to drive huge traffic which may not affect google adsense policies? T.T like blogexplosion can bring you the traffic but may cause disabling of your adsense account? Than how? T.t
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