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I'm looking into starting a business here very shortly that has been a major hit the past couple of years. The problem with the current business model is that they tend to lose a high percentage of customers and need to constantly spend money on finding new ones. I want to change that by using a multi tiered referral program. The goal is to provide my customers the ability to make money and an incentive to continue using my site.

What do you all think of multi tiered programs? I'm thinking about going 6 levels deep with no limit on width. The payouts would probably be $5 for the first referral and $4 for each level after that, but may be changed. The commissions would also be for the lifetime of the referrer as long as they used my site once during the previous year.

This wouldn't make most people rich and I definitely don't want to market it that way. I think it could be a great way for the average person to make some extra money and for the type of business I will be running I think its a great fit.

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