Counting Your Daily, Successfully Uploaded Campaings.

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I need your help in determining who is right and who will win this wager!

Here's the scenario:

On Valentine's Day, my buddy uploaded 26 unique campaigns on both Yahoo and MSN.
He claims that he has accomplished uploading 52 campaigns, total, for the day.

I beg to differ.

I still say he has ONLY uploaded 26 campaigns and distributed those to two different channels; i.e. Yahoo and MSN.

This is how my buddy "puts it":

You hear about these guys cranking hundreds of campaigns a day. That's a lot, even with speed ppc.

If you run the same offer (with the same keywords) across the three major search engines, does that mean you now have generated three campaigns? Instead of just one?

It seems to me that when these guys are talking about "hundreds of campaigns", that they are getting to those numbers by multiplying one offer by 3 (one for each of the search engines).


Who is right? You tell me. I think it's puffery to say 52, instead of 26.

If I win this bet, he is paypal'ng me $1.00 (USD). We're having a virtual pinky bet. If he is right, then I'll paypal him the dollar.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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    Hmm, I've evaluated what your friend thinks...and it sounds to me like he is a very bright fellow.
    I would say that, indeed, it means he has generated 52 campaigns.
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    I do think you've lost a dollar here. He is certainly right he has created 52 campaigns.

    Think about this... Will the CTR and no. of impressions be the same ofor corressponding campaigns on the two different networks?

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      Originally Posted by lakshaybehl View Post


      Will the CTR and no. of impressions be the same ofor corressponding campaigns on the two different networks?

      I don't see your point, Lakshay. The CTR and Impressions have nothing to do with the uploaded campaigns in my question posed. Please explain how your question defines my buddy as the "winner'.
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    I certainly see Lakshay's point. If you created one campaign and ran it both in yahoo and msn - you would get two completely different set of stats ( NOI, CTR etc, etc) Even though you are running the same campaign - you are delivering it via two different vehicles - ergo two different campaigns.

    I am quite sure your friend is tracking 54 campaigns, each with their own unique analytics.
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      I would agree, 52 different campaigns, like 52 kids and even from different countries, (yahoo, msn, google)
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