Where can one get a cheap INTERNATIONAL PPC traffic?

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I am new to the PPC game. Can somebody help me with finding a source for cheap PPC/PPV traffic from Sourth America or Asia, or even EU.
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    In almost all networks you can get cheap clicks from international countries.
    You can go with adwords, facbook or bing.

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    7Search is highly recommended to get cheap ppc traffic,
    Although you got to track things out to gather the data of
    your keywords, or you'll just spend money for nothing.

    For PPV with cheap yet large demographic, there's a network
    called Adoori. Although I'm not quite sure how the quality
    of the traffic yet.

    Best luck,
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    I don't what is cheaper than facebook?
    7search.com maybe?
    Personaly I stick to the big Traffic Provider.
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    I've heard you can get cheap click on 7search. But others say you can't get quality traffic if you don't know how the network works.

    Facebook is a good network to start with. I'm also a newbie and I've chosen Facebook to be my first PPC network. They have cheap and quality traffic.
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    Originally Posted by junkdna View Post

    I am new to the PPC game. Can somebody help me with finding a source for cheap PPC/PPV traffic from Sourth America or Asia, or even EU.
    Try 7search, Facebook ads (highly recommended), LeadImpact (ppv, has some EU traffic), MediaTraffic (ppv).
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    7search is cheap but low quality
    facebook is cheap but higher quality
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    7Search is good and you can cheap click FB too!
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    in my own opinin 7 search is junky traffic, but there are some good things about it. I know CPA dude are having some small successes with it.
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    Make sure that, you only want cheap clicks or you want quality clicks.

    If you want quality clicks you should to go with Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter. About Cost it will depends on your keywords. If you have good Landing page, Google keyword Quality score on Adwords you will get good Clicks at cheap cost and good Conversion. I think its gives you best ROI.

    If anything you can PM me.

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    I am afraid of going with FB or G because I am not experienced enough to assess what is spam in their opinion. I know they have a quality traffic, but there are so many scary stories of people who had their accounts closed without knowing what they did wrong.

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    I'd stay far away from google - but Facebook should be ok, just get familiar with their TOS (Facebook) and you should be good, Facebook isn't near as strict as Google
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    If you are looking for international traffic I'd say Facebook is great and converting well on international dating offers.

    ~ Omid
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    I have read a lot of people who say that 7search is junk traffic - and they may be right. But remember, every offer is different.

    I have one product from 7search where my average CPC is .11. I have spent $8 on ads and generated $32 in profit over the last week. This is a small niche, so not a lot of opportunity for 'scaling up', but this just shows that SOME offers might do really well on 7search.

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