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I am trying to start promoting CPA offers with 7search and need some advise. I would like answers from people who have experiences with 7search and is still using it.

Which type of offers converts well with direct linking and which type works well with personal landing page? (care to share how personal landing page looks like?)

how many keywords per offer and how many campaigns per offer to test out per 1 cpa offer.

I have seen some threads saying test with 400ish keywords and eliminate daily for keywords that doesn't do well. Do I really need to start with that many keywords?
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    Man you're kinda looking to be spoon fed a bit here, you should just get your hands dirty & try something out.

    7search doesn't have massive volume like other search engines and it's all paid placement, you bid highest then your ad is shown on top of everyone else. Now you need high level of impressions & anything else to make money. Something that will appeal to a broad audience.


    NBA is alright now & March madness is just winding down but anyways...Basketball is pretty big right now.

    Create a landing page that says something like

    Pick & Win A Free iPad 5+S12u or whatever the **** the new apple product is currently.

    "Is Kobe Better Than Lebron"

    Yes No

    Redirect them to the offer on either if they click yes or no

    Tweak the lander until converts, try different ideas.

    also, make sure you look up your keywords and then put them into a spreadsheet so you can change all the bids to .01 except for the ones with tons of traffic you might want to tweak them around & do some testing with separate landers for those & you might end up doing quite a bit better.
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    The thing is, I don't know how to create a simple script. I get the idea what you are saying. Since I have no knowledge of html, that is why I asked about direct linking. I can't go into a battle field without knowing if my weapon is handgun or automatic rifle. I can't just try it out without having some knowledge.

    That 400 keyword sentence is to be make sure. I can't just take step when only 1 person says yes do it.

    I found few ideas, even though they are not mine, I found some websites regarding cheat or hack for mmorpg and in order to download the file that doesn't even exist, people have to finish offer from content locker. Even if they finish, they don't get authorization to download. Don't know if this is black hat or white hat, but I have seen bunch of those.

    I posted this thread to answer for question that I had in mind so once it is settled I will dig into it. Asking question doesn't harm anyone does it? If it is a question that I need to pay, create a WSO and I would gladly purchase it and give it a review.
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    Just a sugestion: go over to PPV Traffic Assault - The #1 PPV Traffic Training Course on the Internet!! and see that video. Once you know how to do the things that you'll see in the webinar you just have to explore photoshop a littlebit more and you can design simple landing pages.

    Give it a go
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