Good in making fanpages

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good in making fanpages and adding fans to fan page
I am good to make huge friend list in FB
now tell me how to convert which is close to me
#convert #fanpages #good #lead #making
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    You already made a thread about this a couple of hours ago:

    Might I suggest you try to gather some information yourself and sit down and read it for an hour or so. You claim to be an expert in blackhat and facebook, yet you don't even seem to be able to search and digest information for yourself.

    There are many, many posts on this forum you could start to read and get all the information you want, and if there is something you don't understand then you can think about how to frame your questions with enough background for us to provide an informed answer.

    In fact you might even find all you need on digitalpoint, that forum is full of experts too.
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